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after 13 years, i'm really starting to hate Python 😞

i recall some folks mentioning they have pinephones. i've been thinking about getting one, is it worth it?

what domain registrar are folks using? i'm thinking about moving my domains from google registry and godaddy.

so i've been using zsh since apple announced that mojave would default to zsh instead of bash. but, tbh, i'm seriously considering moving back to bash. there are a couple nice features in zsh, e.g. its completions, but otherwise i'm underwhelmed.

am i missing something?

Generator works? ...check!

Ready for snowmegadon 2020!

Winter storm is still a day away, but our power grid must've heard the forecast and decided to proactively go into outage mode.

for 20 years i've been threatening to organize our books. πŸ€”

interesting that folks are mentioning postfix. i ran a mail server at a company ~15 years ago using postfix. love seeing that it has survived! :)

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for folks that are running their own mail servers, what are you using? and are you hosting it on your network at home/apartment, or somewhere in the cloud?

considering options. πŸ€”

any weechat users? how the hell do i define/mod the meta key? i'm using i3, and alt is already taken for that. i've combed through the weechat docs, but i couldn't find anything that talks about this. πŸ€”

so i've been using aerc for a day, after hooking it up to my gmail and protonmail accounts. i like it, a lot!

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I propose a law which prohibits putting raisins into cookies

motivation, where are you hiding on this chilly monday morning?

Hmm, maybe I should return to just using mutt for email. πŸ€”

for those using Matrix, what client are you using?

almost a month of using spacevim for work and personal projects, tonight i've uninstalled it and switched to plain vim.

tbh, i prefer plain ol' vim. don't get me wrong, spacevim is nice, and it definitely makes it simple to install and manage plugins. but, with the new builtin plugin management system in vim8, it's actually pretty easy to install and manage plugins yourself. i'm also finding it easier to customize each of the plugins to my liking.

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