my book, Building an Orchestrator in Go, has been atop the best seller list on two weeks in a row. wow, exciting an humbling at the same time.

@benjaminpaikjones yeah, i've been meaning to look at podman. maybe i'll make some time in the next couple weeks to look at the code. 🤔

been doing a lot of reading/working with Docker's new builder, buildkit. the docs are "sparse," to put it politely.

there is part of me that thinks we need throw docker (and containerd) out the window and start from scratch. sometimes you just need a fresh start to not get bogged down by all the baggage of the past.

but that's a lot of work. :(

@garritfra wow. been following the news on the flooding. some of the worst flooding i've ever seen.

@garritfra where are these photos taken? might put this on my list of destinations to visit once the covid situation gets better.

@ndegruchy i mainly switched to httpie a while back because i got tired of piping everything through jq to get nice json formatting.

if you haven't seen jq, it can be a nice tool to keep around:

@ndegruchy yep, use it every day instead of curl.

there is also xh, but i haven't used it:

I'm happy to announce that an early-access version of my book Build an Orchestrator in Go is available through the Manning Early Access Program (MEAP). Order now and save 50% using the code: mlboring50 (through July 19).

i'm not sure why, but i have such a hard time staying engaged with social media (including fosstodon). :(

@cooper @garritfra i'm using backblaze b2 and it works well for my needs (backup data from several personal apps and other personal-related data). i've been using rclone instead of duplicity.

low quality post 

@celia the human world in general is broken, yes.

as for tech, it's hard to realize that it's not a giant monolith. when folks talk about it, the immediate thing everyone thinks about is FAANG or the general domain of "social media" and advertising.

there are other domains within the larger tech umbrella. i'm currently working in the energy domain, where there is a lot of interesting tech work happening. and it has renewed my interest in the field.

@Gina you have officially gone to the dark side. 😆

wow, it's april already. where did february and march go?!

@garritfra i gave up on apps a while ago. i've been switching between plain text files and using my remarkable2 (e-ink notebook). i really prefer the remarkable, because it's like a physical notebook but i never run out of pages and it's small enough that i can take it everywhere.

there is also todo.txt (, which i've used in the recent past and liked well enough.

@garritfra interesting. that sounds cool, re: sending small presents.

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