@garritfra i gave up on apps a while ago. i've been switching between plain text files and using my remarkable2 (e-ink notebook). i really prefer the remarkable, because it's like a physical notebook but i never run out of pages and it's small enough that i can take it everywhere.

there is also todo.txt (todotxt.org/), which i've used in the recent past and liked well enough.

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@garritfra interesting. that sounds cool, re: sending small presents.

@garritfra this suggests you're going into an office. is that true?

my new company is totally remote, and it's such a relief to not have to worry about returning to a physical office. i realize this situation isn't for everyone.

@kev thanks for sharing. not sure the article you site in your blog post supports the idea that dark mode is harmful over the long term. maybe i misread it, but to me it was suggesting that in the long term light mode could potentially be more harmful, in particular that it could be linked to myopia (nearsighteness).

it was interesting that font size has such an impact on short-term performance in light vs dark mode. this seems more important now with all the 4k monitors on the market.

@The_man_plan @Gina hmm, sorry, that came across more aggressive than i intended.

@Gina only 10cm? We got something like 34cm last Tuesday here in the NYC area.

@pheonix weird, i don't see that in my instance of the web ui. i'll keep poking, maybe i'm just blind.

is there a way to disable notification sounds? i've looked everything in my profile and in the mastodon docs, but can't find anything. hmmm... 🤔

@kev given the state of the internet, is it even worth having comments on most things? maybe i'm just too pessimistic, but i haven't put a comment form on my blog because i don't want to hear from trolls (not that i get much traffic, so practically this isn't an issue).

comments on public forums (youtube, instagram, etc.) seem less useful in practice than they did a decade or more ago.


i'm so used to dark mode at this point that coming across a non-dark mode site is like looking directly at the sun

@Gina what have you been using instead of amazon? for example, where do you buy books?

@fribbledom Are you making this up? part of me wants to see it with my own eyes. the other part of me just checked into a psych ward for even thinking such a thing.

@bekopharm we have both cats and dogs. dogs are more disgusting: they love to get in the litter box and eat the "treats" they find. they also eat their own shit. ewww!

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