i'm so used to dark mode at this point that coming across a non-dark mode site is like looking directly at the sun

@tjb Same. I have a javascript widget made that flips the colors when that happens. You can save this as a bookmark.

javascript:(function(){var cover=document.createElement("div");let css="position: fixed;\npointer-events: none;\ntop: 0;\nleft: 0;\nwidth: 100vw;\nheight: 100vh;\nbackground-color: white;\nmix-blend-mode: difference;\nz-index: 1;";cover.setAttribute("style", css);document.body.appendChild(cover);})();

@tjb I used to dark mode all the things, but then I did some research and found it isn’t actually better for you eyes.

I do still use it on my tablet when I’m in bed, however.

@kev thanks for sharing. not sure the article you site in your blog post supports the idea that dark mode is harmful over the long term. maybe i misread it, but to me it was suggesting that in the long term light mode could potentially be more harmful, in particular that it could be linked to myopia (nearsighteness).

it was interesting that font size has such an impact on short-term performance in light vs dark mode. this seems more important now with all the 4k monitors on the market.

@tjb yes I know the feeling. Whenever my wife or colleagues want to show me smth on their screen, I instantly need to lower the brightness 'cos it hurts... :terminal:

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