ugh, any job description that mentions java make me wanna puke. i never want to see a line of java again. ever. never ever never. really! 😆

@tjb Luckily interoperable languages like Kotlin and Scala exist now. No new code has to be written in Java :P

@Matter you should tell that to all the "java developers" at major corporations. 😉

@tjb Well if you tie your (professional or otherwise) identity to a particular technology you deserve whatever's coming for you

@tjb you write it once and run it everywhere! What's not to like?

@skoobasteeve what i don't like about java:

- the JVM adds additional operational overhead because it has to be distributed to every system where your code will run

- GC tuning

- Huge codebases as a result of 1 class/file. i need a master's degree in library science just to have the foggiest idea of what a codebase does

- the culture, most of the "java devs" i've been around can't think outside of their IDE

java has it's place, but places i've worked that used java used it for *everything*.

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