anyone running nextcloud with collabora online, both running in docker? i'm having a helluva time getting nextcloud to connect to collabora, and i've check everything that looks obvious (ssl, ports, hostname).

i am trying to use nginx as a reverse proxy in front of collabora, and that seems to be part of the problem. but even removing it, and turning off ssl for the collabora container, nextcloud still doesn't want to connect (even though i can curl it just fine).


@tjb Yup, I have it set up. I had a lot of trouble because the provided nginx config didn't listen on ipv6, and it wasn't obvious to me when proofreading for some reason.

@tjb not sure how I can help you, how are you starting the collabora server?

@Matter are you running in docker?

here's how i'm starting it:
docker run -t -d -p 9980:9980 --name collabora -e "" -e 'dictionaries=en ..' -e "domain=my\\.domain" -e "username=secret" -e "password=secret" --restart always --cap-add MKNOD collabora/code

@tjb yes I'm using docker.

You don't need the username and password anymore I think. I don't have server_name set up. Make sure the domain is your nextcloud instance's domain.

When you say "doesn't want to connect", what does that mean? The setup where you enter the server's details in the nextcloud settings?

@Matter nextcloud doesn't want to connect to the collabora server running in a separate docker container. i figured that out though--put both containers in the same bridge network.

now the problem is the nextcloud server can't connect to the outside world, which also looks like an issue with the bridge network.

@tjb I don't have them in the same network, weird... That shouldn't be necessary

@Matter are you using the apache or fpm image? i've been using the apache image.

@Matter i think this is turning out to be a networking issue. are you running your setup using host networking, or bridge networking? if i put all 3 containers on the same bridge network (nextcloud, nextcloud-db, collabora), they can talk among each other just fine, but the nextcloud container then can't talk to the outside world, which apparently it needs to do (for the app store).

@tjb bridge networking. My nextcloud can talk to the outside. I did a traceroute to office.mydomain.tld and it uses my external IP address, so maybe you would need hairpinning set up? I would think not, but who knows.

@tjb are they both using the same domin name? my Nextcloud had a problem embedding anything from different domains because of some Nginx flags that I had to manually rewrite on several places, also while adding external links

@albi yes, same docker bridge network and same domain name. oh, wait, including the host bit? so they're both on the same 2nd level domain, e.g. "", but they have different hostnames, e.g. "nextcloud" and "office".

@tjb I think the rule is if both of them cen use the same certificate but I'm not sure

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