after 13 years, i'm really starting to hate Python 😞

@tjb you're *starting* to hate python? I don't know, it always had a weird vibe to me. It's great for some small scripts though.

@garritfra yeah. it took a bit to get used to the indentation, but it became natural after a bit. and it has a large community, and it's readable (imo). but when tools that need to be distributed are written in Python, it's such a pain in the ass.

@PsychoLlama tools written in python are major pain to distribute and manage. it's fine on the server side if you're running a service in a container. it's difficult in many cases to just install a tool and run it without issues. the more common case is: install tool; run tool, hit runtime error because a dependency is missing; either install dependency or create a virtualenv.

there is pex, and of course you can also zip a project and the interpreter can execute that. but it's all a mess.

@tjb @PsychoLlama That's why I went over to . As readable as Python, but compiles like . I only distribute a single binary and have yet to come across a portability issue.

@tjb @PsychoLlama You can use OS packages; deliver a virtualenv in a tarball; create the virtualenv at deploy time or use tools like makeself. I've been using Python since 1.8 and it's never been a problem - given that a proper deployment requires shipping other files anyways.

@tjb @PsychoLlama I love #nim but static linking is a step backward especially for security.

@tjb that makes sense. I've only ever written Python for server-like environments, but I can imagine the pain.

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