i recall some folks mentioning they have pinephones. i've been thinking about getting one, is it worth it?

@tjb I've had severe issues with it. It does work as a phone, but only barely.

Ended up resorting to getting a cheap Android phone as well...

@tjb not if you want an every day driver. But if you like to tinker and if you have some the money it's a great idea to support them

@tjb I'll sell you one. Braveheart edition. Bought it, and it sat there life gets in the way of having fun. Sold it on ebay but person never paid. If you are in the US, DM me a reasonable offer if you are interested. I'll post pix in a moment.

@tjb Depends. If you'd enjoy playing with a little touchscreen computer with beta (at best) software, its great!

If you need basic phone functions, it might sorta work. Maybe.

@AstralPegasus98 hmm, ok, maybe i'll hold off. i'm actually looking to dump android as part of a de-googlefication effort.

@tjb Probably better off with something like LineageOS and F-Droid then. Maybe an existing UBports-supported phone, but I'm not really familiar with that.

There's a lot of good work going into the pinephone and it feels to me like its going at a fairly quick pace but it's all still very rough around the edges right now.

@tjb in your case I would advise hardware. I use op 1, 2, and 3 with and I'm happy with it

@tjb if you like tweaking. It's not mature for main phone imo.


I vote yes. It is the most fun I have had with a phonr in many years. So many options for distros; desktop environments; etc. Removable battery; bootable SD card slot. Overall some of the software is still a bit rough but as I said it is very fun to play with and has great potential.

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