so i've been using zsh since apple announced that mojave would default to zsh instead of bash. but, tbh, i'm seriously considering moving back to bash. there are a couple nice features in zsh, e.g. its completions, but otherwise i'm underwhelmed.

am i missing something?

@tjb Well the customizations... Have you tried OhMyZsh? The iTerm integration?

Check this article out where it suggests some configurations you could use...

@tjb Is there any specific behaviour in zsh that is bothersome?

@brandon there wasn't/isn't anything particular bothersome about zsh. for the way i work, i just don't see much benefit in zsh--even using oh-my-zsh. i've been using bash for 20 years though, so i've figured out along the way how to customize it to my style. the only thing in zsh that is kind of nice is being able to change directories without having to type $(cd /foo/bar).

@tjb @brandon one word: rprompt

can't understand why bash doesn't have it

@reto @brandon interesting, i tried that, and didn't like it. nothing wrong with it, just a personal thing.

@tjb @brandon I display the exit status there if non zero... or well, a bomb.

notifies me if something is off

@reto @brandon ah yeah, I do the same in my bash prompt. Very handy indeed! :-)

@tjb I didn't know there was a different way to change dirs with zsh?

@brandon yeah, try it. Just type a directory and it changes to it. Pretty nice!

@tjb So I save the "cd " and that's about it? 🤔 Not the worst decision, and I like it regardless

@tjb I love zsh, completions, and with a package manager such as oh my zsh, and some good plugins it's great I've been using it for years, and always miss it when I'm on bash, things such as fzf autocompletion, syntax highlighting, and so on.

@tjb I honestly liked more zsh than bash but all the servers I admin has bash by default and the scripts are normally in bash. So I decided not to waste my time between shell and I use bash. I also use bash-it which tries to be the equivalent of omz but it lacks in many features but for what I need it is ok.

@jrballesteros05 this is another reason I'm considering moving back to bash. At work, I've caught myself numerous times trying to work like the shell is zsh, then have to remember it's bash. The cognitive dissonance isn't worth it imo.

@tjb I've been using zsh for ~5 years. I like the completions, fish-like plugins, prefixed history search, and flexible themes. Nothing groundbreaking, just some nice features.

IMO bash and zsh are pretty comparable, but when faced with both options, zsh just seems marginally nicer.

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