my book, Building an Orchestrator in Go, has been atop the best seller list on two weeks in a row. wow, exciting an humbling at the same time.

been doing a lot of reading/working with Docker's new builder, buildkit. the docs are "sparse," to put it politely.

there is part of me that thinks we need throw docker (and containerd) out the window and start from scratch. sometimes you just need a fresh start to not get bogged down by all the baggage of the past.

but that's a lot of work. :(

I'm happy to announce that an early-access version of my book Build an Orchestrator in Go is available through the Manning Early Access Program (MEAP). Order now and save 50% using the code: mlboring50 (through July 19).

i'm not sure why, but i have such a hard time staying engaged with social media (including fosstodon). :(

wow, it's april already. where did february and march go?!

is there a way to disable notification sounds? i've looked everything in my profile and in the mastodon docs, but can't find anything. hmmm... 🤔

i'm so used to dark mode at this point that coming across a non-dark mode site is like looking directly at the sun

I've signed a contract with Manning Publications to write a book. Working title: Writing an Orchestrator from Scratch.

hmm, just realized i haven't looked at fosstodon for more than a week. 🤔

ugh, any job description that mentions java make me wanna puke. i never want to see a line of java again. ever. never ever never. really! 😆

anyone have an ieee membership? if so, how are you using it? thinking about renewing mine. 🤔

starting 2021 on a good foot, moved all my domains from godaddy. w00t!

anyone running nextcloud with collabora online, both running in docker? i'm having a helluva time getting nextcloud to connect to collabora, and i've check everything that looks obvious (ssl, ports, hostname).

i am trying to use nginx as a reverse proxy in front of collabora, and that seems to be part of the problem. but even removing it, and turning off ssl for the collabora container, nextcloud still doesn't want to connect (even though i can curl it just fine).


after 13 years, i'm really starting to hate Python 😞

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