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Are you attending this year's virtual #BHUSA? If so, make sure to check out EFF Senior Staff Technologist, @cooperq's talk on "Detecting Fake 4G Base Stations in Real Time." Wednesday, August 5, at 11am PDT!

The rush for a vaccine could prove just as dangerous as the original disease. If a vaccine is released in October as Trump likely wants I won't be putting that into my body.

Any suggestions on where to purchase coding books online? I am looking to avoid Amazon at all costs and I'm not interested in downloading through a torrent. No Starch Press has a very limited selection. Comments are appreciated. :)

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@titular_human Thank you for the reassurance there! I don't feel so bad about using Twitter, then. :)

Hello. I'm new around here. I had not heard of the fediverse until it was brought up at the HOPE conference. Once I read up on it I signed up and went straight for the nerd server (of course). About me: I don't always agree with the consensus and since I strongly believe in healthy and friendly debate (but not toxic debate) I will voice my opinion. I do love hardware, software and learning as much as possible on all subjects. Thank you for allowing me into your community.


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