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On 'fitting a gender' 

@Gina decided on my gender:

I am an Apache Combat Helicopter 🔆

#nsfw always nice to have some tiddies on the timeline

ahh #BobRoss, the man whose #painting can make me simultaneously excited to #paint as well as put me to sleep. 😅
That guy's #JoyOfPainting videos were so #wholesome and full of #positivity.

I just watched #S5E7 of it, Bubbling #Brook ( and now I'm wondering what he could've done with #digitalPainting programmes such as #CorelPainter.

#CorelPainter2019 btw currently is bundled with #PaintShopPro 2020 Ultimate in a #HumbleBundle:

Fedi admins:

What is THE most common user agent that actually hits up the Mastodon API or ActivityPub?

@cooper @kev @mike well, especially notifications between me and @hund are delayed 1h. It should be server internal

@cooper @kev @mike sometimes my notifications have a delay from an hour, when I am not afk and in fosstodon, that just made me figure the server is under high load. it's serving lots of users tough

Is there a dashboard, which will show me the load, traffic etc.? @kev @cooper

Would be interesting to me to know if I should let the server / come back later or if I can use it like always.

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