If I had any in humanity, seeing what's going on in completly destroyed it, if there was any to begin with.

Predator drone flying over Minneapolis.

It was, of course, only a matter of time before we saw these deployed against US citizens.

This is a problem: #deepfakes Are Going To Wreak Havoc On Society. We Are Not Prepared. 

@eludom I'd call it already a problem, since nobody was really sure, if julian assange was really the one in an appearience, I remember there was some controvercy about it. If you are a big enough target to US nobody will be able to tell if you're still alive or not, nobody will be able to tell, if you're in a kind of Military Gulag or dead.

@unl0ckd don't try to be the messias, let the sheep be sheep, they are happy that way

@BrodieOnLinux it was more directed to the viewers of youtube, many content creators have already created mirrored uploads, you including. I hope in the long run users / viewers will tend to leave youtube, too

@BrodieOnLinux I hope Youtube will die out as a Platform! There's nothing but truble for content creators and the Content thats beeing suggested is mostly pure cancer, I watch my Youtube Links trough mpv since it loads faster than their uneccessary bloated website which takes way to long to load. In my Opinion there's no reason for people to relay on youtube anymore, there are way better alternatives out there. Reading your post makes me hate google even more!

I have had a powerbill of ~86€ for a single Household xD

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In this Pic you see my

Goliath: 96GB RAM 24 Core (2x Xeon) - Dell r710
Hypervisor for playing with Cluster at home

Budspencer: 4x8TB 8 Core Xeon ZFS Storage 16GB RAM with HBA Card - HP Microserver Gen8
+ Hypervisor

was hosting my public accessable Services

All running

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The Content of this Picture is the Reason, I didn't have a car before my disability check (when I worked as a sysadmin)

I had an Obsession with Homeservers 😄

I stumbled upon
it's a mesh Network that has been in development since the mid 2000s and it seems that they are nearing the end stages of development. It has been very under-the-radar.

Seems they are way serious about their big talk on their website if you alone look at the protocols commits. Ah and I forgot, it's

it seems like a great idea to decentralize the net


@Ghosty danke, aber ich hab beschlossen mein smartphone zu nutzen so lange es geht, ich will eigentlich nicht etwas kaufen weil ich es will sondern dann, wenn ich es brauche

@Ghosty danke, wenn mein smartphone aufgibt, weiss ich wo ich suchen muss :)

@Ghosty Wie funktioniert denn das Rooten? ähnlich wie beim Android?

@Ghosty kannst du mir einen Link zu besagtem phone geben? ich hab riesen interesse, ich spiele schon seit längerem mit dem gedanken und KaiOS sagt mir auch was

Ich finde es ja schade, dass das piratebox projekt tot ist

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