trying to quit after 15 years of chainsmoking, wish me strengh and luck

@tinfoil_hat good luck, keep us updated, tips are welcome ;)

@tinfoil_hat it'll save you a *lot* in the long run though. Where I live they just upped the prices. Cheapest cigarettes (or "shag" here) were just raised to €11,50 for 50 grams.

@vancha 11,50€? that's crazyy, here 40g cost about 5,80€. That lasts for me 1,5 - 2 days depedning on how much I am awake

@tinfoil_hat I’m on the same boat, apart from me being a smoker for 11 years.

Try keeping in mind all the positive aspects of non smoking :
- the money you won't spend
- no need to have lighter/matches everywhere by you... car, trouser, at your desk
- a *little* more spare time
- it helps physical activities (hiking!)

Also, if you fail the first try but manage to quit at least one week, and start again... then do realize how the first (two) cigarette(s) taste(s) awfully. It won't give the usual sensation for sure.
This helps a lot for the next try.


sudo systemctl stop smoking.d

sudo systemctl disable smoking.d


@tinfoil_hat just one man's advice: I tried many ways to quit, until I started meditating which simply gave me the will to quit

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