I went full retart and got myself another , I wanted to tinker with OpenBSD as Server OS, however I didn't read right and it doesn't support it, so it has to be debian.

Now, what should I do with it? I tought about running an static .onion blog and or . I also liked having an ttrss. Do you have any ideas? The VPS has 1CPU 0.5GB RAM and 10GB SSD.Maybe use it for / or a ?

Well, I guess I'll end up with a combination of some of these above. What would you set up?

We all know you can't have enough VPS, but ... eeez!

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@cavaliertusky I made a Monthly cancelable contract with Ionos:

Scroll down and select the 1€ VPS, you can choose to use the monthly canceable VPS, if you don't the contract will be 24 months. I have my Website, a Dav Server Gitweb and Openvpn on one VPS and a Mediawiki and a Seafile on another 1€ VPS

If you want one with more power, I can recommend you Contabo, They're very good, too:

@cavaliertusky ah I forgot, when you choose a 1 Month contract it continues until you cancel and the setup fee is 10€

@tinfoil_hat I have a VPS with similar specs (256M RAM, 15GB HDD) which I run FreeBSD on.

It acts as a SMTP relay for my domain due to the benefit of static IP, reverse DNS etc. and gives me something to point a SPF record at. Add LetsEncrypt support and a few sendmail milters for SPF checking and greylisting and you have a useful piece of monthly expense. 😊

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