So, what About starting a with our Personal and ? 🕸️ 🌐

Blogs Participating in: Are now Listed at a Linklist on my Website, you can shoot me an E-Mail or PM me on Mastodon, if you want to get listed (or removed).

I'd be more than happy, if you'd add my Blog also to your

@eletrotupi Well, there's a problem with it. It uses RSS feeds, and I have a selfcoded Website, which atm. just have the git diff as RSS Feed. I don't think it's a good idea to advertise my Website with just git diffs : /

@tinfoil_hat You need a RSS/Atom Feed. Why not use something like Hugo/Jekyll?

@eletrI It would mean, to throw away my work and twhich would feel like a step backwards, I am quite happy with having a unique Website, that doesn't look like everybody else site

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