brought my to an Idea:

What if we start to create on each others or so that one can find Blogcontent by just browse his way trough without the need of a probably restrictive searchengine.

Think of it like a Public-"HiddenWiki"

I had made a small list of blogs participating in which I intend to continue over time

However, here's the list (I'll put it on my Webiste, too!

We need the !

@tomosaigon @tadan0 I am relativley new to blogging, but I think the Concept is nearly the same. However, I think We should support each other by linking each other. Especially when we have the same interests such as software and

We are a Community after all

@tinfoil_hat Absolutely! Bring back webrings and the seven link rule.

@tinfoil_hat There was a time when (almost) any webpage could be reached from (almost) any other by clicking on seven links.

That's the myth, anyway. It probably wasn't ever that few. But it's something to strive for, I think.

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