For those that got the , would you consider it as a real android alternative? I tried about a year ago or so and it was barely usable. I am on a degoogled andoid smartphone right now, but I don't really trust that thing

@tinfoil_hat also curious about this. I want them and librem to succeed so hard, but being able to rely on those the same way I do my daily driver is table stakes for switching.

The problem is we each have a different meaning of "usable". Are you a Linux user? Were you one 10-12 years ago? If not, I suspect you won't be satisfied with any of the OSes that will be available on the .

FYI I've already been almost Android-free for the past 10 months. I only use my Android phone sans SIM card to record bike rides, and for the proprietary VPN authentification app my employer uses. I'm hoping that with the I ordered I'll be able to record my bike rides.

LOL I just now took a look at your profile. I guess we can say you're no stranger to Linux. 😃

@tinfoil_hat what was wrong with sailfish? I'm close to degoogling, obviously android is the thing holding me back. I was hoping to get a pinephone and use sailfish as it looks quite nice

@ikt I just found it barely usable, I maybe that's because I had a phone which had no compatibility to android Apps.

I can't remember really why, but there were just so many things that bothered me back then

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