@tinfoil_hat How about a DIY keyboard that runs an open source firmware that you can write your own code for?

@hund Nah, my standard Dell keyboard does the job and with CWM I can bind everyting I need, a few years ago I would have probably gone with it, but I now try to use what I already have, than to buy things I don't really need

@hund Do you have printed your setup on the keyboard? on your keybards you have only blank keys(on another blogpost). I'm a very slow writer, so changing the keyboard would probably slow me down much more. But must be cool to be used to it :D

@tinfoil_hat I use blank keys. :) My layout isn't what I started with, I started with only one little change: replacing Caps Lock with FN1 and having the arrow keys on hjkl. I added the rest over the years.

Efficiency isn't about adding every feature possible, it's about evolving your workflow to make more sense. Or something along those lines.

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