If I had any in humanity, seeing what's going on in completly destroyed it, if there was any to begin with.

Predator drone flying over Minneapolis.

It was, of course, only a matter of time before we saw these deployed against US citizens.

I have had a powerbill of ~86€ for a single Household xD

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In this Pic you see my

Goliath: 96GB RAM 24 Core (2x Xeon) - Dell r710
Hypervisor for playing with Cluster at home

Budspencer: 4x8TB 8 Core Xeon ZFS Storage 16GB RAM with HBA Card - HP Microserver Gen8
+ Hypervisor

was hosting my public accessable Services

All running

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The Content of this Picture is the Reason, I didn't have a car before my disability check (when I worked as a sysadmin)

I had an Obsession with Homeservers 😄

I stumbled upon
it's a mesh Network that has been in development since the mid 2000s and it seems that they are nearing the end stages of development. It has been very under-the-radar.

Seems they are way serious about their big talk on their website if you alone look at the protocols commits. Ah and I forgot, it's

it seems like a great idea to decentralize the net



Well, there we have it... right out in the open.

Just setup a on my homenetwork. configured and pfblocker-ng with some blocklists, also I have configured E-mail Notification, now my is a bit more satisfied, I also now use DNS over HTTPS feels good man with on my Laptop I can say at home I am pretty save

@en Hey, can you add me to your Blogroll? I'll add yours as well, if you want

The on how to make a Partial offline mirror of repos is really lacking. I just wanted to do an offlinemirror for amd64 on buster including sources, but I am to dump for it. I ended up to use for some foreign mirror. It comes in handy, that I have a Dynamic IP, since it stopped yesterday evening and continued after ipreset

I know I have been a

We all know you can't have enough VPS, but ... eeez!

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I went full retart and got myself another , I wanted to tinker with OpenBSD as Server OS, however I didn't read right and it doesn't support it, so it has to be debian.

Now, what should I do with it? I tought about running an static .onion blog and or . I also liked having an ttrss. Do you have any ideas? The VPS has 1CPU 0.5GB RAM and 10GB SSD.Maybe use it for / or a ?

Well, I guess I'll end up with a combination of some of these above. What would you set up?

So happy with , but it made me think... From now on, I will refer to Android as Google Android. There used to be some degree of separation between the company and the project, but we are long past that stage. Google has stopped pretending Android is independent, so should we.

Google Android. That's what it is.

So, what About starting a with our Personal and ? 🕸️ 🌐


Blogs Participating in: Are now Listed at a Linklist on my Website, you can shoot me an E-Mail or PM me on Mastodon, if you want to get listed (or removed).

I'd be more than happy, if you'd add my Blog also to your

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