So I have babbled this here everywhere else. And i'm not trying to start a war. But has anyone seriously considered the future of .net core on . Following news and current events in tech. It really appears like .net will be the goto for Linux and Windows in the next say 3-5 years. Maybe not in our more Linux centric type communities. But most likely in the commercial space.

And is everyone comfortable with that happening? fire **DUCKS**

@timapple frankly, if it means that it'll be easier to make apps cross platform, I'm all for it. The only thing I don't like is that it would expose more proprietary solutions, but not by much.

@timapple No. We have plenty of really great cross platform programs and applications but you'll never get past the idiot that says "GIMP is ugly." And if people started making games with Godot or Urho3D, we wouldn't have to worry about that either. We've got C, C++, and Python; we don't need .Net. Microsoft is already charging people for a license to use their Linux distro. That's the future you'll have with Net and Linux. You also have to run W10 to use VBASIC to compile for it.

@TimApp1e @TheOuterLinux ✅ @nigel ⌨️ I thought I remembered .net having a license that forbid its use in copyleft licensed software.

@mike @timapple Except Microsoft is on the board of the Linux Foundation and could make it happen if they wanted to. I think this is it?: The big problem is that you will NOT have .NET without C#. That's why Microsoft's Linux distro can only be developed using Visual Basic on W10. You can freely program using C# without VB only because it was approved as a standard by ECMA (ECMA-334) and ISO (ISO/IEC 23270). However, you still have third party crap to worry about.

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