So here is what I've been playing's actually i3 with some of cinnamon mixed in. I'm really liking it.


so how does that work? I’ve seen other people combine i3 with KDE for instance. How do you combine a window manager such as i3 with a desktop environment?

@samir Someone has already done alot of the heavy lifting for me..

Then I just had to work out the kinks. It works exceptionally well. And is pretty easy to do from @ArchLabsLinux . If you install i3 when you run the hello script.

Then just install the i3-cinnamon package from the AUR and off to the races.

@samir by the way, there is a similiar script for i3/gnome. And it's pretty easy to put i3 in for XFCE. I did the i3/Plasma test, but I had trouble with desktop pageing.. Now that I think about it though, if I would of just used polybar and not the kde panel, I may have had no issues with it.

@timapple Looks great!
Are you using Cinnamon's compositor?

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