I just published my first article to the Fosstodon Hub community blog - Do you have to use an Open Source OS to be a FOSS contributor?


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@kev Do you *have* to? No. But you should. Because FLOSS is about freedom, and choosing an anti-freedom OS illustrates values/priorities incongruent with the community.

It applies to all communities. It's like Tim Cook using Android, or Pepsi's CEO drinking Coke.

I also want to use a system that "just works" (that's why I switched from Gentoo to Ubuntu 😜), but I value my freedom more. You're free not to. And that is assuming that FOSS OS's don't "just work", which is a separate debate.

@wasbeer having something that "just works" is circumstantial I think. What "just works" for me may not work for you and vice versa.

I agree, people _should_ use FOSS where possible, but tangentially, is saying "you should do this" also imposing on that person's freedom? I dunno, it's an interesting debate.

Funny you mention Gentoo, I've been thinking about giving "Linux from scratch" a go, just got laughs...in a VM of course. 😁

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