Happy Veterans Day! Thanks to all that served. I hope they and our enemies find peace.

So I have babbled this here everywhere else. And i'm not trying to start a war. But has anyone seriously considered the future of .net core on . Following news and current events in tech. It really appears like .net will be the goto for Linux and Windows in the next say 3-5 years. Maybe not in our more Linux centric type communities. But most likely in the commercial space.

And is everyone comfortable with that happening?

Ok....now fire **DUCKS**

My time on Opensuse lasted a few hours. It's a pain to get software IMHO, snaps weren't working right, not for me...

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I think I'm going to give Opensuse with Plasma a shot tonight.

Though @elementary is solid and most all of the core apps are. I am finding many of the apps in appcenter buggy/crashy. Though I love the base..it's hard to stick with it if the rest of the ecosystem isn't up to snuff.

Last time i'm sharing this thing... still in why the hell not mode.

Initiative Q is building a new payment network. To get people to adopt it, they’re giving away significant sums of their future currency to early people. They require only name, email, and an invite from an existing user. Here’s my invite link:


So if you were looking to make a career change, in theory..starting at 0, which could you get into faster... coding or infosec?

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@kev and @mike , can you guys undo my move?
It says I moved to ...blah..blah..

I think hosting my own mastodon isn't worth it. Think I will come back here to fosstodon and pay you guys instead. 😉 @kev @mike

I moved myself to my own instance. Just for tinfoil hat wearing purposes. Still will be running the Archlabs account here on fosstodon. My new home is @tim

So had anyone ever attempted having connect sync their music folder when it's connected to the phone?

I know I can just drag and drop, was wondering if there was a hands free way?

Doing some Plasma this weekend.

Maybe we should change this tag to ..lol

I distro hop so much I figure they should all have a special place on my blog from now on.... timapple.com/tag/hopping/

Finally got to see the latest Jurrasic Park movie. I really do love the series. The world becomes a very interesting place at the end of this one.

I swear Kraft Macoroni and Cheese must be laced with cocaine or somthing...there is no way it should be so magical to the taste buds.

I should of mentioned above.. I'm looking for somthing that can do dynamic playback also. Similar to Sayonara player on the desktop.

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