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Very glad pleroma is expanding with more features daily. Hoping PixelFed and other activitypub compatible servers grow as well. I'm glad that the fediverse is so diverse in terms of people, software choices, and opinions. Plus it feels like I'm actually talking to real people on here. Pretty much what I'm trying to say is, fedi changed my life in a positive way overall and I'm glad I'm here.

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I just got a new vacuum and it cleaned all the pet hair my old vacuum couldn’t and I’m so excited #adulting

My wife just told me, the TV show Frazier made America great again..lol

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Coming very soon: a browser extension! Will make uploading photos and adding them to your @write_as posts much quicker.

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I'm proud to announce the 1.0 release of the nin script. In this release is added IPv6 support. You can now set static and dynamic IPv6 addressing on interfaces provided you have nmcli :)

Testers needed!

The script:

Trying to decide which I like better..cinnamon or plasma? Both are very similar feature wise.

It's almost more a decision of GTK or Qt

Happy fathers day to all the dads out there!

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@DistroJunkie @ignitionigel @mooshoe I'm just gonna throw this out there, hoping the tide turns the other way slightly...

I actually really like his shows. I've never found him to do/say anything offensive, and I'm not privy to any previous drama from his past.

I like his content - I find it interesting and of good quality. But most importantly, the guy should be entitled to an opinion without being berated for it.

Live and let live, folks. 👍

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Good to be back and interacting with all the nice folks on here :)

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The skill to write software is such a liberating power. I do not understand how people ignore this kind of magic at their fingertips.

I'm looking for the best possible way to get to view the worldcup online from the US..right now my best option is VPN to UK and watch on the BBC. Was wondering if anyone else had a better plan. The games to broadcast on Telemundo here..but I don't want to watch them in Spanish.

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Haha yes. It's like every time I see btrfs my brain says "butt ruffs". Brains are weird :-D

@kev how often do you guys update the instance.. mastodon 2.4.1 seems to have some good features.

@matt seeing how you have that there Mastodon instance, will Mastodon eventually be available as a channel in write.as?

Archlabs with the Native Runtime for Steam built by the solus team seems to be a match made in heaven. Nothing else has performed as well for me so far.

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@timapple I'm quite sure Stallman would unfriend them. :D

I think that you can be polite about it, but I should perhaps just give them a talk while I'm helping them.

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I would like to state for the record that Vivaldi's web panels ROCK for Mastodon. If you're using the Vivaldi browser, try it out. So handy.