I moved myself to my own instance. Just for tinfoil hat wearing purposes. Still will be running the Archlabs account here on fosstodon. My new home is @tim

So had anyone ever attempted having connect sync their music folder when it's connected to the phone?

I know I can just drag and drop, was wondering if there was a hands free way?

Doing some Plasma this weekend.

Maybe we should change this tag to ..lol

I distro hop so much I figure they should all have a special place on my blog from now on.... timapple.com/tag/hopping/

Finally got to see the latest Jurrasic Park movie. I really do love the series. The world becomes a very interesting place at the end of this one.

I swear Kraft Macoroni and Cheese must be laced with cocaine or somthing...there is no way it should be so magical to the taste buds.

I should of mentioned above.. I'm looking for somthing that can do dynamic playback also. Similar to Sayonara player on the desktop.

looking for suggestions for a music player on Android. I don't use subscription services so it will be my local collection uploaded to the phone. Thanks for the suggestions ahead of time.

No offense to everyones cat, they are lovely creatures. But I would pay @Gargron to creat a filter that hid all the pictures of them.

I just realised in elementary you can snap windows then resize them together when you click on the common edge. Also when you open another app on the same workspace and snap the windoe to either side it keeps the size of the other snapped app on that size... it's pretty handy.

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With the launch of the @write_as #Linux desktop app, we'll be looking to build off of it for a Jot.as desktop app, too.


@danrabbit or @cassidyjames is there a way to script certain apps to open on certain workspaces and placement on :elementary:? ie. every time I boot up code opens on the right half of workspace 2 and files on the left half?

All this :elementary: talk today has me tempted to throw the beta back on..but dare I destroy my beautiful i3/cinnamon monstrosity? I bore so easily it seems.

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If you're interested in #ActivityPub and #Federation, technically speaking, you'll probably want to have a read at our documentation on the subject.


If you want to drop a review and help to improve it, your feedback is welcome on code.eliotberriot.com/funkwhal

I'm playing with Tootstream the command line Mastodon client..
Ineresting enough, I'm composing my toot in Vim..

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