Ever wondered how to validate user input that's supposed to be alphanumeric in a language that has accents? dev.to/tillsanders/let-s-stop-

Looking forward to presenting the OpenElectionCompass at @fosdem (6th of February, 15:40) in another talk! This one will be a bit shorter with about 15 minutes and focus on the software itself. So great to be on board! More details here: fosdem.org/2021/schedule/event

I built an voting advice application () using . Now I need 100 ⭐️s on GitHub to start manage funding using . Any with some love for a small project? github.com/open-election-compa 😇

The first big instances of my Voting Advice Application are live. Scientists from the university of Münster have deployed VAAs for Münster, Cologne, Essen, Bielefeld and Siegen. Visitor counts are going well. Give it a try here (German only): muenster.kommunalwahlcheck.de

And make sure to leave a star on GitHub: open-election-compass.com 🤟

The OpenElectionCompass (a voting advice application) is being used in production for the first time in my hometown Lüdenscheid, Germany 👍 Open Source and democracy work well together! Give it a try here: open-election-compass.github.i More information regarding the project: open-election-compass.com


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