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gah! I cant edit toots! I goofed up.
Seems its a fork purely for SMS/MMS encryption. No internet needed.

Sorry folks nothing to see here please continue on your daily lives.

@hund Sorry, but I do not see a privacy issue regarding this.

Im unsure how this would tjustify a privacy related issue. Can you explain more details?

Displaying HTML without external resources, is not a privacy issue in my book. If you enable external resources (images) then that is a decision that you personally make and the Dev has already created an option for that.
Email spec is not allowed to have external JS or CSS files. You are only allowed inline CSS and HTML iirc

@hund and I'd rather emails that look how they are meant too.

If there was an actual security issue around it I'm sure it would make a difference, but displaying html (no images, no CSS etc) limits the attack surface to barely nothing.


@hund bloat is an interesting word. As it can be interpreted and defined in many ways.

Here I define bloat as the devs having to manage two different parsers for the same outcome. Displaying emails.

While I am no means an expert on the k9 code base, or android's. Adding functionality: increases the scope of a project and maintenance. The amount of work is clearly too high for which the devs class as a relatively low "payoff".

Its a hard decision. I'd rather good code. 1/2

@hund what makes you want non-html as a default option Is the blocking of images not enough?

A huge amount of emails (marketing) barely have non-html alternatives so if you were to render them plain text it wouldnt look amazing

I've made a few email parsers and while the default for some email clients are to send two versions, plain and their html versions, writing a whole new parser would be a tremendous amount of work for the k9 devs which might be better spent elsewhere

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In Unix, we don’t say “I don’t think we’ve been introduced,” we say “permission denied (publickey)”


Facebook just locked me out of my account.

One of their apps attempted to login via the non onion link.
Apparently they know me so well anything non related is suspicious 🤣


@njha yeah... it just takes that long... but im pretty sure my SSD is dying. Its like 7+ years old.

These are the reasons why they have 64 core build boxes.

Screw you too apparently 90 minute time for a beautiful failure.

With previous builds apparently taking 15-20 mins based on qtWebkit-4.8.[6-7]

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#Tusky has reached 100.000 downloads on Google Play. Thank you all so much ♥️

@nebunez don't listen to anyone else. Host your email on your own domain on your own boxes. Just make sure you setup DKIM and SPF as well. Then even Gmail will believe your mail is fine.

You will learn a huge amount about email and their associated systems. And then when you struggle / get bored, fix it. And if you really cant be bothered, then pay fastmail/protonmail as they are great hosts.

I run my own mail on a .RO domain and have never been marked as spam. For what its worth.

@mgl 🤟 brb going to build and ill let you know how it goes, in like 3 days

Who's tried ? Im trying a friendly but im already missing the swipe features in just typing this toot. :(

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@malinoskj2 Slack - github.com/ziozzang/slack-irc-

In all seriousness, they all suck, but IRC is all about text anyway, so doesn't matter what you use.

@tk I'm in a workplace. Contractors, visiting board members etc. I don't want to have a Board meeting in 2 minutes and they can't get on wifi. Too much hassle.

There are just too many devices out there that are not 5ghz compatible, having 2.4 as a fall back is perfectly acceptable.

While phones might be nearly all supported. Laptops and tablets are the main culprits, I've found even some 2015 models don't have 5ghz/AC compatibility.

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