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@gnome A few years ago, I was watching my sister doing her college homework; she was studying biology. I saw her editing a photo in the GIMP, on Windows.

"Sis, I didn't know you used the GIMP."

"Oh, yeah, some friends at school told me about it, it's a Photoshop clone one can just download."



"Sis, did you know I was the maintainer like 15 years ago? I wrote the first third-party plugin for it."


I'm happy that we've given non-computer nerds good software.

@bram did you do git blame and realise that it was you yet :p

@brandon while you are waiting, checkout Wallabag: wallabag.org I find it an amazing app as great as before I hosted my own.

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Made a little thing:


wev, or Wayland event viewer, analogous to X11's xev

@onepict @brandon @codesections they also have a free DNS service which has a very simple DDNS option as well.

@tk fzf. doesn't use ML but it use fuzzy search.

github.com/junegunn/fzf and junegunn/fzf.vim for your vim extension

@kev @hugo @angristan much appreciated all. Images load perfectly. 👍

@kev would you mind changing the Tor settings on the CDN?

I can open images via a browser but images don't load via my application. (probably due to the user agent? @Tusky )

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#whenmarniewasthere is on at 1pm on #SBS World Movies. This is a stunning Studio Ghibli animated movie and everyone with an appreciation for Miyazaki works should see this.

It seems do this already as part of their build/deployment processes.

It seems is the preferred "project management" system in this regard. If large companies have larger requirements that take them out of the "git" workflow, I wonder if the "1 per team" PR system would help small-medium companies where there are multiple teams across the business.


For massive dev orgs, having a PR with multiple approval requirements. Such as 1 user per specified groups.

Then you could guarantee that Product / Marketing and Dev have all "approved" the pull request.

Get on it @gitlab

Very cool use case of ALBs in


Ofcourse you need the forsight to actually provision multiple endpoints. But still an awesome idea.

@Extarys Don't worry about those random articles. Protonmail is "different" and it breaks users sense of what usability in email is.

They've take a system where you could use any application to (basically) only the web interface.
They've prioritise security rather than complete usuability. They may have suspended peoples accounts because of legal action, but they certainly cant hand over any data because its all seriously encrypted.

@jasonesman jump squats with old servers, sounds like a work out to me.

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Ouch... #Mozilla #Firefox
1548973 - (armagadd-on-2.0) All extensions disabled due to expiration of intermediate signing cert


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