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Ouch... #Mozilla #Firefox
1548973 - (armagadd-on-2.0) All extensions disabled due to expiration of intermediate signing cert


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Librem.one, Moderation Discussion 

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Really, @purism? You copy a bunch of open-source apps and make it look like they are yours without any mention of the original apps? I think you should delete these apps immediately and publicly apologize. Or at least don't have the audacity to call yourself a "Social Purpose Corporation that does not exploit people and puts doing social good over maximizing profit ", because its obviously not true.

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A bit curious of @purism to fork @Tusky / K9 Mail and not even mention that anywhere on their website or app listings?

Also I can note the following:
- What is the point of the forks? Do they even at least pre-fill the "social.librem.one" domain for users?
- Is the source even published at all? If not, it's violating GPL. I can't find anything on their Github, at least.

@thinkMoult ah didnt realise OSM integrated Mapillary rather than OSC. Interesting.

Thats good to know. Thanks.

@thinkMoult great work! Ive been using + from for a while.
Adding new POI and notes. Streetcomplete being another good app as well.

I was wondering how OSM has been doing the Street level pictures.

Just looked up OpenStreetCam and looks like OSC might have Facebook tracking in their app... reports.exodus-privacy.eu.org/ does it offer Facebook login?

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Happy to announce I have contributed over 75,000 photos to #openstreetcam, that's nearly 1,000km of footage. This is the (one of the) #opensource equivalents of Google Streetview. This was possible thanks to a Waylens dashcam sponsored by Telenav!

Computer vision and machine learning learns how to recognise street signs and traffic rules from this footage.

Check it out! openstreetcam.org/
If you are still using Google Maps, please check out osm.org/
#gis #osm #openstreetmap

@bram @vitria

I cant read French. But I guarantee you passed with no cells and are now stuck at 1 cell and dying constantly. The invisible dagger throwing guys are the worst and unless I get an impaler or boots I seem to always get hit.

The upcoming patch, if not already out, gives an update to the story and a new "mini" boss.

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@madrox @gentoorebel @gairsty go based upon budget and their protection / battery capacity.

I probably wouldnt bother with the top end for a personal pc. And if you live in a "developed" country they your power supply should already be "clean" so battery backup and making sure you don't need any extra power boards should be your first choice. Then worry about anything else.


Hrm. Well then... I think its coffee time. :coffee:

@cassidyjames the amount of people that hate the current conglomeration that is 10 is something I would not put by the wayside.

This could cause a lot of people to stay within the "MS zone" while /the user/ is getting the benefits they might have seen from use KDE/GNOME on a *nix system.

If they can market right, I wouldnt put it past MS.

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When websites say "use our app, it's much better", they mean better for them, not you.

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If you want to help reforestation, it's important to know about a process called ecological succession. This is how nature does it.

The plants most people think of as weeds are very important in this. Botanically, they're known as pioneer species. They're tough, tenacious, and will grow even in unforgiving places.

Pioneers lay the groundwork for larger plants to gradually take over, eventually making a comfortable environment for climax species, like forest trees.

@gentoorebel @gairsty @madrox

I was fortunate enough to run 3x as my rack(s) . They were and still are solid units.

Sure the battery died after 10 years in 2of3 but the replacement battery purchase went smooth as hell. They even took the old one away for free.

My only tip, Before you purchase work out what your Wattage is and do a solf calculation of what you load is going to be. You should be able to see how long after a power outage your systems are going to last for.

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before before:
USB 3.0 - 5Gbit connection
USB 3.1 - 10Gbit connection

USB 3.1 gen 1 - 5Gbit connection
USB 3.1 gen 2 - 10Gbit connection

USB 3.2 gen 1- 5Gbit connection
USB 3.2 gen 2 - 10Gbit connection
USB 3.2 gen 2x2 - 20Gbit connection

what the heck, why not 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2


@polychrome I believe .org are great candidates for this. Maybe hit them up

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