@codesections this all depends on your commands not a pipe. Eg: `sort` requires all of the input to sort correctly.

@hector the slow move to cheap electronics, where the repair cost == same or more than new. People choose to have the "why not buy new?" mentality.

This is only starting to come back into people's minds with $1000+ phones with the movement. We'll get there.

I believe actually provides sources for devices after they stop supporting them. initiative. (Yep: talk.sonymobile.com/t5/Open-De)

@retrohacker 1 click recompile and install from source is basically what gentoo has via emerge but you'd need a gui in front. (Shrug)

Reproducible build are possible based on a per-package level. The maintainers are doing a bloody amazing job on that. Check it out:
tests.reproducible-builds.org/ (94% for amd64)
You need to have the same build env as others for provability. As such any code change voids reprod. As such devs have started doing reprod builds in docker.

@retrohacker whoa those are some nice wants.

- 1 click install & prebuilt packages are basically handled by Synaptic (gui front end to apt-get)
- fetching source is possible via `apt-get source` from CLI (not sure GUI)
- As a user emerge has patch support built into , but you would need to use the source command above and patch & build manually.
- Multiple upstreams (CVS) are possible on a per-package level but requires the programmer to maintain


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@retrohacker you might like more then. You can create patch files for whenever you want to make modifications to a certain package.


@LPS I do email hosting. Setting up a new spam filtering system with no training only catches the most obvious spam out there. You need to train your system on what is okay (ham) and what isn't (spam).

If you give it enough data it is very good at what it does. is a quality product using bayesian probability. There is also which uses a machine learning algorithm which I'd like to use.

Tl;dr if you look at headers and don't mind occasional obvious spam, it's fine.

infosechandbook@mastodon.at - Discussion about the security of LineageOS :android: on Reddit:

Quality discussion on the security of


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@Ubports I'll be back in a heartbeat once my pixel gets support... I wonder how that is going, if anyone has made progress on it.

@hywan I might take you up on that offer. Considering my knowledge of rust fits in this toot. :)

@hywan as a admin this looks amazing! I might make some time in the coming weeks to do some testing on my sites.

Great write up!

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📗 New episode of the series From Rust to beyond 🚀!

Episode 5, The PHP galaxy, mnt.io/2018/10/29/from-rust-to.

In this episode, we explore how to oxidize PHP & to get a 5230 speedup compared to the PHP PEG parser for Gutenberg (new WordPress editor).

@ethan @Ubports I used touch for about 6 months before my 4 died. It was amazing and the closest to convergence of a mobile desktop.

It really streamlined what I needed vs what was a waste of my time. were the main items I used.

It also really confirmed how bad some web applications were. As it had apt, I even installed nginx, and did some web dev on it.

I went back to Android because: no encrypted messaging & no u-port for my devices

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I set up a Tor hidden service for my website. It's the same as the one up on 0x4464.github.io. It turns out it's pretty easy to set this up!

You can check it out here (using the @torproject browser): x4464px2md6pwk4v.onion

#tor #onion

@hund it was pretty easy. (I think) There's a docker container for ~~testing~~ production use as well.

I'd give it a shot. Though I'd like to remove the JS dependency but it's one of the only good systems which respect and

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