Buy Pi-Zero. Get a E-paper display. Hook it up to your local weather and terrible fact API

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Okay, I know what some will say you: some may not like GLib or D-Bus, or maybe can't use them because $REASONS, and/or maybe you want something smaller with less dependencies…

Did you know that OpenWRT has a small message bus which has been seriously battle tested? Enter ubus:

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@nitox I use the app FFUpdater (that is on F-Droid), which is a simple downloader that pulls it direct from Mozilla when you click the button. It includes an update checker that notifies you when a new version appears.

@eatingbrb oh my this hits way too close to home. Literally happened today, I'm looking deploying a new service, most of the blog tutorials are the same as the official tutorial. That isn't new information... where are the people attempting to implement HA kubernetes versions

Uncommon opinion: I don't even care about speculative execution exploits anymore.

You can't make me!

The Expanse Season 4 (spoilers) 

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career advice? 

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i have a very efficient metabolism i can sustain myself for days on a single boost

@alexbuzzbee yeah 4.19 is stable. Just unmask gentoo-sources and you'll be fine

@Mundon how big is your company? Startup size or Enterprise size?

I once got overruled due to the lack of auditing so I'd eventually like to change it. But don't have enough bandwidth to set out some time to actually do some quality testing.

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Mozilla just laid off 70 fantastic people. If you can help them - open positions, offering helpful conversations and references, anything else - please say so.

Use #MozillaLifeboat as an umbrella tag for easy finding. (It's already flowing on the birdsite.)

If you've been affected, I'm happy to chat directly. Also have some open positions (see rest of this thread). But doesn't have to be today - take time to recover if you can.

Most of all: thank you folks for making the web better.

@markosaric The bolded "Ad" now looks nearly exactly like the favicons of the other sites. Which does help minimise the change when there is only 1 advertisement link.

Also I wouldn't get too almighty with the anti-ads, as DuckDuckGo does the same thing, just without the targeted part, only showing ads based upon your search terms (iirc)

@zen3ger can use curl for DDNS and use their NS hosting services

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"The attacker utilized the anti-virus management console service account to distribute the malware across the network."

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