@kev would you mind changing the Tor settings on the CDN?

I can open images via a browser but images don't load via my application. (probably due to the user agent? @Tusky )

@ticoombs @Tusky it’s not something I can do as we’re hosted with @mastohost

@hugo is that something that can be done?

@kev @ticoombs @Tusky I can disable the CDN but that will slowdown media load on access from locations outside Europe.

It's up to you, let me know if you want me to do that.

@hugo @ticoombs @Tusky no, I don’t want to disable the CDN. Sorry Tim, don’t think we can help.

@angristan WOW, thank you so much!
I have done that, @ticoombs please let me know if that help.
@kev @Tusky

@kev @hugo @angristan much appreciated all. Images load perfectly. 👍

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