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So, with the mastodon API, you can create an "Application" without auth, and you can do this over and over again. If noone actually uses any of these applications, they'll not show up anywhere apart from the database. Is there a way of cleaning these up, or are they magically cleaned up? #mastoadmin

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The #Epic @fedilab @k9mail cases have reinforced our strong stance that we must control the distribution channels of #FLOSS and no longer depend on the #PlayStore

A major threat to the adoption of an alternative is that users expect updates to be automatic but #Google made that possible only for the #PlayStore

Code Lutin will invest on @fdroidorg to make software update possible on non-rooted #Android devices thus, allowing people to adopt #FreeSoftware

#MécénatCodeLutin #DeleteGoogle

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Three new paintings today! Here are the landscape paintings that started as fully abstract "lines", similar to the "circles" I did before. But now they are landscapes, even though I painted them vertically. 😂 #mastoArt #traditionalArt #abstactArt #art


I love when companies:
- Screw up a deployment
- Have a business model of deploying
- Hide their documentation behind a 401

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Apps targeting Android SDK 30 published by F-Droid cannot yet be installed on Android 11. This affects at least FairEmail, Netguard, OpenVPN and a few others.

You might want to hold up upgrading your device to Android 11 for a few weeks if you rely on any of these apps.

As a developer, you might want to hold up upgrading targetSDK to 30 for a bit.

The issue is tracked here, including a workaround for getting your data back from FairEmail in case you already fell into this trap.

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Do you know Mosh ? A remote terminal application that allows roaming, supports intermittent connectivity, and provides intelligent local echo.

Great !!
#Mosh #Shell #SSH #FOSS

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So it's been 13 to 15 weeks since WFH started and 4 weeks since Stage 4 lockdowns started for my city.

I've started on Android development...

Send help.

Spent a fair amount of time last night working out why on linux doesn't have a browser source option. Just so I could use one of many android devices as a webcam, as the camera in that is already amazing, and I'm not paying $200 for a 720p option when I have a 4K one not doing anything!

Turns out it's disabled by default because of a GTK clash??. Also turns out that the for doesn't even try to build the browser source as well.

Looks like I have new plans for the weekend

Who uses a bookmark/article service.

I just learnt about archivebox but I've preferred Wallabag as it has an android app, formats the text and removes the "bloat".

But I like the archivebox idea. But the lack of app / (do I need an app?)

What other read-it-later self-host services are people using?

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Currently working on a piece of cross-platform software to deal with printers. Since I run Arch and our intial target is Windows, I have promox setup at home with a Mac and a Windows VM , a printer and a webcam hooked up using USB passthrough.

I've been at work testing printing and confirming it works via webcam at home in the VM.

This is hilarious. I'll try post pics if I remember.


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apple’s latest trademark claim

i shit you not

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Has someone made a simple ci/cd platform, for running deployment scripts

I stress simple. Sure I could run jenkins in a container, but I could also run a simple python flask endpoint, which ran the predefined code.

Use case: accept webhook to build a new docker container for my blog

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