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State of the map ( #SotM, the #OpenStreetMap conference), to be held in July this year, will be a virtual conference.


Folks are therefore working on an #openSource platform for online conferencing:



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Got me reminiscent of a client that we needed data off. As part of some archaic business process by them they had to encrypt the data they sent to us.

So we wait a good 24 hours wondering where it is. So were just playing nethack to pass the time. Someones already made their base in Minetown.

Finally we get an email. With two attachments and 1 line in the email.

Attach #1: data.zip.enc
Attach #2: data.key
Line: keypasswordincleartext


Its now been a week since .
- 16 new tickets created
- VPN doc viewed 41 times
- Slack doc viewed 15 times
- VPN servers rock solid

Feeling pretty good right now

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Is there a tool for Linux like top but for GPU utilization

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AMD – new side-channel attacks affecting CPUs from 2011 to 2019:

mlq.me/download/takeaway.pdf (PDF file)

– The L1D cache way predictor is exploited to access secret information.
– The attacks are named Collide+Probe and Load+Reload.

#AMD #CPU #vulnerability #security #infosec #cybersecurity

CA had a bug in their CAA verification system. Specific certificates are going to be revoked on the 4th of March...

Pity they don't specify the fucking timezone cause its already the 4th here!!!!


Buy Pi-Zero. Get a E-paper display. Hook it up to your local weather and terrible fact API


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Okay, I know what some will say you: some may not like GLib or D-Bus, or maybe can't use them because $REASONS, and/or maybe you want something smaller with less dependencies…

Did you know that OpenWRT has a small message bus which has been seriously battle tested? Enter ubus: openwrt.org/docs/techref/ubus

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Uncommon opinion: I don't even care about speculative execution exploits anymore.


You can't make me!

The Expanse Season 4 (spoilers) 

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career advice? 

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i have a very efficient metabolism i can sustain myself for days on a single boost

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Mozilla just laid off 70 fantastic people. If you can help them - open positions, offering helpful conversations and references, anything else - please say so.

Use #MozillaLifeboat as an umbrella tag for easy finding. (It's already flowing on the birdsite.)

If you've been affected, I'm happy to chat directly. Also have some open positions (see rest of this thread). But doesn't have to be today - take time to recover if you can.

Most of all: thank you folks for making the web better.

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"The attacker utilized the anti-virus management console service account to distribute the malware across the network." t.co/hmEtSiEWu8

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