Went for a walk to grab Boba. Ran into iambearsun.com on the way home!!!

For context, he started walking from Los Angeles, California, USA to San Francisco, California, USA eleven days ago.

Pretty wild he was walking past my neighborhood at the right time to snap this.

I walked with him for a couple blocks, people thought I was his guide so I was taking pictures for them lol

If you've got questions, I might be able to answer some, since I basically interogated him as we walked 😅


@tychi Who is he? Why is he doing this? Doesn't the outfit get warm? Where does he take restroom breaks? Does he sleep in the costume? Is the money raised going for any charity?The marathon photos on his webpage - did he start there? Why am I hearing about this only now?


In order:

1. no idea
2. no idea
3. i offered my bathroom, but he was good. i guess kindness of strangers or outside
4. not sure, but he says he's been walking about 20 hours a day and just kinda camping out wherever he happens to be
5. no idea
6. i'm guessing he does the suit regularly
7. tHe AlGoRiThMs

so I guess I didn't know that much, BUT his backpack is on his front for his belly. also, he drink coconut water instead of regular water since it keeps him hydrated longer.

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