@thumb I...uhh...don't. I just write them and pretend everything is fine. 😆

@josias @thumb that moment when you fuck up your partitioning and gotta rewrite all your dotfiles from scratch:

@thumb it is the best thing I’ve done with git. I have one repo for my applications’ dotfiles and one for my window managers’ files with one branch per WM.

@thumb not how I personally do it but (I tend to just copy around the important ones) but it's a pretty robust way of doing it if you want to set it up:

make a git repo and use GNU Stow to install them in the correct locations when needed.


@thumb git repo and symlinks. Setup on a new box is a breeze except for determining which packages are needed. This led to exploring

@unl0ckd @thumb +1 for symlinks into .config and Git. I've looked at stow and others, but there seem to be too many moving parts in comparison.

@thumb I really like chezmoi. It works with git but also allows you to create templates which can contain references for keys/passwords that will then only exist within the local files but never on the repo.

@thumb the best way that ive found is to set xdgconfig home env . And use normal git repo to store the files

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