Ditch FOMO. Embrace JOMO. Joy Of Missing Out.

@josias @thumb

Something happened somewhere else in the world that was fun? That sounds great for everyone involved. I enjoyed my time over here too.

@thumb where do you see joy in missing out on massive profits?

@davidak @thumb not having to worry about owning a lot now? being less endangered to fall victim to consumerism?

@metalune @davidak I was making a point of overwhelming oneself with lots of stimuli from social media and peer pressure but sure that works too ;).

@thumb @metalune missing out implies that you care.

better focus on what matters to you, not some random people on social media. of course, that's harder to do than say :D

@davidak Where do you see FOMO associated with making massive profit?

@thumb when you have FOMO, you might act irrational and actually loose money. so in that case, maybe don't invest at all

only invest what you can afford to loose

that way, you can just HODL and don't care about the up and downs

i can't see how you can feel joy when realizing that you missed out. better don't care about profits and stay away from that game

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