Checking out the CLI mastodon client called toot. If one wants to quickly send out a toot while in the terminal and browse the timeline, this works fine. Media needs to be opened in the browser, of course, and no automatic refresh of the timeline. I will be back to Pinafore once the novelty wores off.

@thumb You can use the watch tool or use their TUI.

toot is a great client! I've been using it for a long time now.

@hund I am on the TUI. It works great! How do you use the watch tool?

@thumb `watch <command>`. The flag -n let's you choose the seconds as well. I think default is 2 seconds.

@thumb I'm using it to reply to this toot. Honestly? I love it. It lets me focus on the text and what people are actually saying, instead of funny cat pictures. It has its' uses, for sure.

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