Looking for an open source tool to check grammar of a text file via command line. Do you guys have any recommendations?

@thumb only tool I know of, so you could write a script to curl a request to its api, maybe.

Or even, *shudder* host a local instance on your machine and point your scripts at localhost.

All of that sounds a faff.

@przemo Thanks. I did look at that. It checks spelling for now. Basic spell check is available in my markdown app. I need to fix my grammar before I post it online.

@Alonealastalovedalongthe Honestly, I was intimidated by Emacs. I am not sure. All I want is to run my blog posts through a grammar check before posting.


Yah.. it was kind of an absurd answer lol, that would be like buying and learning how to operate a rocket ship just to use the toaster in it.

You can probably just find a regular toaster lol

Check out

It has the online app there but you can download an offline java version (scroll down). The offline one does not send your data to a server.

Then you can either run it with a stand-alone GUI or from the command line.

And BTW you can also use it within Emacs 😄 or LibreOffice.


@leadore @Alonealastalovedalongthe Haha. Thanks. That seems to be the popular suggestion. I will have a look.

Sorry, my viewing of the thread doesn't show that you got any other suggestions, or I wouldn't have replied. That's the problem with Mastodon, only seeing parts of threads.

@leadore Its all good. At least that confirms it is widely recommended.

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