Switched to from mail. They are small, simple, support unlimited addresses and storage, and provide IMAP support even at the free level (suck it Zoho!). I am free to use whatever client I want.

I considered other services but was either put off by pricing or the artificial limits on users/space/features I don't need.

Migration - I just forwarded some important emails that I need immediately and ditched the rest. Email is not where I store my stuff.

@thumb if they offer so much for free, you have to ask, how are they making money from you?

@kev Ah yes. They do have paid plans as well which supports further development. I am just saying their free plan is setup a little different from others. They cap number of daily emails that can be sent instead.

If you look at their website, they are quite open about the features they lack currently but they are actively under development and are due for a release in the coming weeks.

@thumb I'd like to hear your thoughts on them in a couple months. I'm also trying out several providers currently.

@joseph Sure. I read your Zoho adventures. My main reason to move away from Zoho is personal. Their founder Sreedhar Vembu is a vocal supporter of RSS. A violent group of the current ruling party BJP in India which is trampling on democracy in Kashmir and Assam. They have unleashed a cycle of violence against minorities and now students who are simply protesting against a citizenship bill. I would urge you to reconsider using Zoho.

@thumb thanks for the info. I was on the fence before. I really wanted the schedule send and reminder features but I felt like I was fighting against their interface to manage email the way I'm used to. I was planning to just stick with it and try to adjust, but I'll see about getting a refund now.

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