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i think at this point one of the major issues with the label of "free software" is that while it might cost me zero dollars to use it sure does require a lot of my fucking time to make it work

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Social Cooling: The long-term negative side effects of living in a reputation economy.

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Just like #TheSocialDilemma film on Netflix it serves to make people directly aware of how social media might impact their personal life.

#socialcooling #surveillancecapitalism #socialmedia #humanetechnology #humanedesign #humanetechnow

(Thanks to @tobi for providing the link)

Ended up with Sway on Arch with Ly as the login manager. Sway is such a huge relief from the eyesore that i3 is. Now hold those pitchforks - Sway is pretty out of the box and i3 needs some work, ok?. Maybe i3 set my expectations but I am not overwhelmed by Sway.

And Arch! No Snap and Flatpak on this machine. I may have thrown myself into completely unfamiliar Arch and tiling window manager territory but its not too bad. Everything is so snappy.

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So I managed to install Arch with Anarchy Installer. Endeavour was a flop show. Won’t boot the live USB and I think I tried all possible combinations of modeset with nouveau nvidia etc. Gave up in the end. Installed Gnome Desktop with Anarchy but got sick of all the crap I didn’t want. I wanted to try out i3 so got it up and running. I am a little lost and constantly trying to Alt-Tab though haha. The learning curve is steep.

In other news, the HDD is dead. I have lost RAW images from 2015 - 2018. Not implementing a backup solution proved costly. I take solace in the fact that select jpegs from that period is in the iCloud. Gonna replace the HDD with an SSD and switch to Arch Linux. But first... Syncthing needs to be set up. *rolls sleeve*

I have gone from 30+ browser tabs to just 2. Tremble before my tab-closing powers!

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Nightmare. The HDD partition got corrupted. It's where all my photos from the old camera is. Windows can't read it. A reboot later, elementary can't read it.

*screams into the void*

Arch Linux fans 🙋🏽‍♂️. Which Arch distro would you recommend?

WatchOS's handwashing feature might be handy but if you are like me and spend more time cleaning in the kitchen or bathroom, this feature is.... annoying. I would like to continue my work without being tapped and shown a timer. Turned it off in less than a day. Apple wants to improve their OS's all the time but lately I am more interested in keeping things simple. New features are cool but I am fine without it most of the time? That's the vibe I get from their latest OS relase.

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@PINE64 not gonna lie, this level of transparency and expediency makes me want a Pinephone even more. I’m currently torn between Pinephone and Graphene. This is a big point in your favor. Definitely planning to grab a Pinetab soon though.

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@PINE64 regarding your recent announcement about the attack...

The fact you guys found out about it, immediately took action, and then told us transparently about in a short timespan (instead of sitting on the info for MONTHS like some big companies) makes me trust you guys even more.

This should prove to anyone who was wondering, that your company is valuable and honest. I’m really impressed. :)

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I hate to ask, but here goes.

I'm looking for a role as a . or . Preferably where I have previous work ex from.

I've been looking a while and nothing with the right fit has come along. Work life balance is super important. If UK, happy to work completely in your timezone!

My site is and I'm happy to email you my CV/resume. Will start immediately once we're on the same page. 💯


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Monthly reminder that if you find my work helpful or valuable, I would appreciate any support you are willing to give. If you are unable or unwilling to afford to support me financially, I still appreciate you!

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heroes of the please help! My neighbor plucked this wild salad stuff for me somewhere with roots and all. Can I just plant it in soil and water it or is there more required? Thank youuuu 🙏

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The guy who maintains Helm, an important package in Emacs, is a 57-year old alpine mountain guide who learned to program when he was 42, as a hobby.

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if someone is enjoying something, it's okay if you don't get it, you can just mind your own business and let them enjoy it, you don't have to insert your opinion into everything you see

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