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Stalked a grashopper in a field of flowers. #insects #bugs #photography #grashopper #locust
(preview optimised to not display them to much, if you're phobic)

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Okay y'all I did it! I finished ... well, what I set out to do with this for now. 1.0 of UI-UX-accessibility is done! FOSS folks can look at this and at least know enough to make something that'll work for blind people, to the best of my knowledge. If anyone else has anything to add, just let me know or do a PR. I really hope this is actually useful and goes somewhere. People have been asking for this so maybe it will.


#a11y #accessibility #FOSS #resources

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My daughter read about making butter by shaking cream and was very excited about the idea, so we tried it this morning.

I've never done it before, it's fun! There's a really weird moment where you have a jar of whipped cream and it seems like no matter how hard you shake nothing is happening, the whipped cream is just stuck to the sides of the jar and not moving...

then suddenly it separates all at once into a solid chunk of butter and a liquid puddle of buttermilk, it’s like magic!

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I used to just recycle, but since learning how few plastics actually get recycled, I've reduced my single-use plastic consumption by:

🐋 Switching to shampoo and conditioner bars instead of bottled, and from shower gel to bar soap (like we all used as kids)

🐟 Using glass containers and a set of stretchy silicone covers that fit over my bowls for leftovers instead of plastic wrap in the kitchen

🌱 Using reusable silicone bags instead of disposable plastic ones

🐢 Bringing my own stainless steel bottle or cup if I'm getting a drink outside of my home

🦀 Carrying a set of bamboo utensils for takeout (and choosing places with compostable takeout containers)

🌊 Using stainless steel straws or no straw instead of plastic

🐚 Buying produce without wrapping (farmer's markets are great in summer) & bringing my own containers for spices in bulk

I'd like to give a 👎 to Whole Foods, which sells in bulk but makes you use their plastic bag or container. Guess where I don't buy in bulk!

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Drove all the way to Yellowstone and Glacial National Park. The mountains and the wildlife and the lakes made the trip worthwhile. Been 3 years since we ventured out anywhere. This time with a toddler in tow though ☺️.

Here’s a view of sunset at Lake McDonald.

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Sensitive: eye contact

A portrait drawing as an exercise. Depicted is Wim Hof also known as 'The Iceman'. He's been quite an inspiration to me; he's a complicated and fascinating figure who continuously has pushed himself to the extreme to show what a human being is capable of. His techniques and knowledge have been very beneficial to a lot people including myself.

#MastoArt #portrait #krita #kritaart

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Took a lot of patience, and ignoring the starfish—which is doing push-ups, apparently—I'm happy.

#art #mastoart

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It's official. Between now and the end of July the #FediverseBookclub will read

Arachne by Lisa Mason

Get your copy here in DRM free format


Then join us in the XMPP room for some discussion around the end of July

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Wife brought me a sandwich.
"Self - portrait?" - I joked.
I'm sleeping on the sofa tonight.

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Tonight's Waxing Gibbous Moon
61% Illuminated - June 18th, 2021

Canon SL2 - Sigma APO 150-500mm - ISO 400 - f13 - Shutter Speed 1/125sec.

#photo #foto #Photography #moon #lunar #luna #WaxingGibbous #CanonSL2 #sigma

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We did film studies for #StudyBuddies and I have no idea what movie this is from I just liked the color

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

(I’ve been informed the movie is You’ve got Midsummer)

Wondering how much Math has to advance for AI to even act/think like a human.


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