Donated all my Stellar coins I had accumulated from Keybase to an open source project which accepts Stellar coins. It wasn't my first choice but between converting it to USD and donating the coins directly, direct donation was easier.

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uh.. its called format-flow. And Evolution doesn't support it. SMH.

How do I turn off the word wrap in email client? Don't we have all email clients wrapping words automatically now? I know its an email and not an essay but isn't it much nicer to read emails with words that don't jump a cliff all of a sudden?

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Does anyone have favorite workflow for rendering a ton of still images to a timelapse? Currently I use Photoshop, but it takes a little while to load all the images as layers, and my current project is going to be around 2,000 frames long... I want to render it at least 4K since I shot it vertically so I probably want to crop the video and pan or something.

Any suggestions?

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I'm sure I can get a bunch of tech nerds to form a union if I just call it a guild

Ok. I just wanted to turn off word wrapping in Evolution for plain-text and now I am learning why we must use plain-text and looking at more email clients. Make me stop!

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Our King Parrots dropped in for a feed today again (yesterday was wet and so I think they were off sheltered somewhere).

#bird #AustralianWildlife #KingParrot #photo #nature

I have been annoyed at the huge size of flatpak while trying to take backups and now the security issues with flatpak is making me rethink if its all worth it.

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Shoutout to Linux Mint for giving Canonical's Snaps the 🖕 and yeeting them out of their OS

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:teal_cyber_heart:​ I don't usually accept follow requests from eggs (very new accounts) without interaction.

Feel free to follow by RSS and/or interact, or request again once you're more established here.

Did you know every Mastodon account has an RSS feed? Just put .rss on the end like this:

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help needed. I've just observed a circuit with a relay that is controlled by a 24 volt current. When the 24 volt is applied, the circuit that is now closed has the same 24 volts running through it. The relay broke. Since this particular relay is used to control a voltage with the same voltage, would it be possible to just use the original 24 voltage? Or is there a use to this setup?

This circuit drives a motor.

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I'm going to regret asking this but... uh... what's your favourite programming language and hwhy?

(boosts welcome so I can find new cool people)

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oh ma lo conoscevate?
Karrot exists for groups of people who want to save things from being wasted and share them instead, allowing these groups to organise efficiently, on a local and voluntary basis.

mi sembra non ci sia nessun gruppo in italia. bolognesi, ci interessa?

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Why Mastodon and the fediverse are “doomed to fail”

"A vast global community is deriving enormous value from the fediverse, with a tiny investment of funds. But another way to look at it is that there's just not enough money in it for it to be interesting."

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Children in detention camps separated from their parents, senseless delay of H1B and H4-EAD renewal applications - removing premium processing and then reinstating because USCIS was losing money (btw USCIS is on the verge of bankruptcy now), RFEs for the slightest reason, immigrant students forced to attend campus in this pandemic or to face deportation. United States is flexing every muscle to dissuade immigrants to stay or choose this country. This is no country for immigrants.


Finally ditched Mailspring and switched to . I tried Geary, Sylpheed, Claws, Thunderbird and finally settled on Evolution. I can't deny the draw of a slick UI and Evolution looked better of them all. It's not slick but Evolution melds to a certain extent on Elementary desktop without standing out like an eyesore.

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