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Q: What do you call a company that hires a team of programmers to do coreboot development?

A: a startup company.

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Since I've been using Ubuntu Touch regularly again after getting a Cosmo I started a laundry list of things I want to fix and improve in the old FluffyChat QML release. Just need to carve out the time and decide how much energy I want to put into it.

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#FluffyChat 0.42.0 has been released

This release fixes several bugs and makes E2EE enabled by default.

- feat: Enable E2EE by default for new rooms
- feat: New design for bootstrap and verification
- feat: More finetuning for font sizes
- chore: Updated translations (Thanks to all translators!)


Big keyboard is big. But nice and clicky. I recently got a Cosmo Communicator and put Ubuntu Touch on it. It's working out rather nicely as my Linux phone so far. 😀

Well Mozilla managed to make Firefox officially crapware in my mind now. Sigh.

Just need to get through the next two days of work and then I'll get my
3 day weekend. :)

What should be my next phone?

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Really happy and exited to see blog powered by #Libervia (and thus #XMPP) at . is a company offering a real phone number accessible by XMPP and #SIP (and thus the plethora or clients).

The blog theme has been adapted to their needs, using Libervia customisation capabilities.

And of course, it works with other XMPP clients, such as #Movim.

Thanks @singpolyma #SIP

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I don't know if I have any blind followers or not, but if anybody that is blind is reading this.. it would be awesome if you could take a look at our Translation Site and tell us what we can improve to make it more blind-user friendly

Here's The Link:

(Boosts Appreciated)

my employer: It's super important that we bring everyone back into the office.

also my employer: When you come back in you must do everything you can to avoid contact with other humans.


I think I'll take that NixOS for a spin. Just for giggles.

Oh good, yet more emergency security patches to apply.

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