@dajbelshaw Of course, since servers crashing on a Friday afternoon is pretty much a Murphy's law

@JRLarsen I will never understand this toxic work culture that is hostile towards the master/slave terms applied to software, but tolerant towards the supervisor term applied to humans 🤣

@cyberfarmer For certain particular memes you mean? Because new memes appear on a daily basis.

@Toxa Damage control related to eventual mass protests against the corrupt president triggered by Pandora Papers?

@yarmo He was a brilliant idealist kid, not being cynical enough is what killed him. Activists don't change systems, only money and blood do.

@lig That's how you get kids to hate the adults even more.

rant about privacy 

@ravi @jiyuu

> Gitlab

Found the John Doe! 🤣 🤣 🤣

@samir @splatt9990 @IslandUsurper @benjaminradio For them to require you to be available around the clock, first they need to provide a device that never needs to be charged :D

@artyr3 I2P routing as well. There are objective reasons why it is so, but if you're happy with the current feature set (and can live with the things you don't like about it), then it's useful. Since it's a F2F (friend-to-friend) network, it would make sense to use it if it would be officially advertised as companion for Fosstodon and if a critical mass of this community would use it as well.

@mattogodoy Is there already an emoji for "bureaucracy"? 🤣

@mike Being poor offers almost full immunity to advertising. The absolute majority of people is sane and won't go to sell their kidney to buy the last iPhone. IMHO ad pollution shouldn't be fought, it should be ridiculed. It shouldn't be treated as enemy but rather as dirt and garbage.

@w96k They can't handle SSL certs either it seems.

@jinxd Add name of current user to the shell prompt, problem solved. If you lack screen space, using different colors for the prompt works very well too, like red for root, green for regular user.

@yyp Also, when adding changes to the index, you can select a subset of changes made to a file

@splatt9990 Plot twist: it's your own long-forgotten blog? 🤣

@zirak @AntennaPod For the developer, isn't this an excuse to procrastinate forever and never release anything? 🤣

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