It truly is incredible that we can contact another person on the opposite side of the planet at anytime from phones, I'm pretty young and I grew up with the internet but it's still amazing to think about. Nice work humanity👍


@koreymoffett no, it still sucks for a lot of people. It's not funny to have to choose between putting food on the table and paying for phone/internet plan.

@thorn ok? This has nothing to do with what I said...

@koreymoffett it does, somehow we managed to provide broadband and cellular phone - very complex technologies - even to third world countries, but didn't solve the hunger problem

@thorn Ok, I was just saying it's cool that we can contact people on the other side of the planet, which it is. You took this as me saying humanity has peaked or something which I didn't, we still have issues, but that doesn't mean that a global connection isn't still cool

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