@edgren Things have changed now. I believe Sweden was the first European country to offer affordable 1Gbps for home users and second in the world (after South Korea). At that time, some countries from Europe only had a mix of Dial-Up and ADSL

The frustration when you're using certain free software on your Linux desktop, you search for the name in Android app stores, you find stuff, you start investigating and you find out that either it supports only a limited subset of features compared to the desktop version, or it's totally different software with stolen name for clickbait purposes 😠

I forgot some basic math things like sin/cos and I had to look them up on Wikipedia 😜

Looking for a free (at least as in free beer) Android app for annotating chess games in PGN format that supports both annotating moves as well as annotating positions, so position annotations work across different games. Scid can do position annotations via marks, thus it has to be able to store positions in the same format or at least in an open text format, so it's easy to convert to Scid format (and back) with a script.


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