@thumb thanks so much! I think I'm going to mostly focus on posting less often but with longer and better blog articles from now on. But those plans may change!

Yesterday I randomly wrote about a small pro wrestling event that took place five years ago and I'm sure very few remember!


Check it out if you are so inclined!

@dajbelshaw No problem! It does support super high res stuff and DSD files but I'm kinda skeptical about those making a difference, plus it can be expensive so most of my music is just flac files from Bandcamp and CD rips which still sound great.

@dajbelshaw that's the one! I'd say the interface is a tad clunky but it has so many features and sounds good. It was reasonably priced as well. Not sure if you are an audiophile but you'd probably have to spend a bunch of money to find a DAP that sounds noticeably better on its own. So if you just want a device that is separate from your phone to listen to music on the go I'd do some research first but it's a good choice!

@dajbelshaw personally I use a Shanling Q1 as my portable music device. I think it does Bluetooth 5.0 but I'd have to make sure on that one.


Possibly my longest blog post ever! This one is about defunct grappling promotion Metamoris and its ups / downs.

@derek agreed! Also thanks for doing these polls. They have been fun!

@derek Agreed! Also I'm glad Marnie got out of the first round. It should also move on to the semis considering it is up against the worst Ghibli movie in Arietty.

New blog post! This one contains a few recommendations of different blogs / personal websites I love.


@binyamin I'm reading it now! Just started it but seems like it has some good, actionable advice.

@derek definitely! There are a bunch of great (and not so great) Ghibli movies that were done by other directors. Would be fun to raise awareness of the lesser known ones.

@binyamin I'm not 100 percent sure I will be around then as of now but would def be down if I am!

Operation Purchase A MiniDisc Player For Some Reason has been abandoned due to finding out that portable players with digital out are not really things that exist (or at least would be highly impractical).

I probably should have realized that would be the case sooner!

@derek oh this sounds fun! I watched all the Ghibli movies for a blog post a little while ago so I am ready!

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