I just finished writing something weird. It WAS an overview of my thoughts on hey (the email service) but somehow turned into something very different.



I'm happy to see that things are progressing even if the footage is early!

I added a new article to my blog for . This one is about the films of Studio Ghibli! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

@nebunez thanks for the reminder! Bought the linked ChronoRomancer album and another one.

@Digital_Edge oh right on! I haven't been training at all for the last little while of course. But if there isn't any outbreaks in my area I should be able to get back to it in a few weeks I'm told.

Day 41 of

Who hear likes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? What?! Nobody? OK....

Here is a blog post anyway:


Sad that James Randi died today. But what a life to have led!

Just received and started reading my copy of Opening Closed Guard by Robert Drysdale. It is a book about the history of Jiu Jitsu in Brazil and how it came to be what it is today. Really fascinating stuff (to me at least).

Now to wait for the documentary!


@Phate6660 sweet! I'll try and check it out on my computer when I get the chance.

@Phate6660 well, I'm just looking at it on my phone right now. Is there a reason your current projects are hidden initially? Maybe that link could take the user to a separate page or it could just be shown on its current page without having to click to reveal it?

A minor thing I know!

@binyamin hey, love the look of your personal site! I've been slowly building one for myself and might add a "now" page to my site as well.

Hello! I'm Thomas.

I write for a pro wrestling zine (torturewracked.com/) and at my blog (blog.grappling.ca/) which is fun.
Currently I am spending my time doing on my blog and other writings, learning Japanese, and expanding my web development skills.


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