@thmslld Yay for Lagrange. I am test driving their iOS version. Every bit good as the desktop version.. so far.

@thumb good to hear! Does it work on an iPad or just on phones so far?

@thmslld I love lagrange. It's inspired me to make my own gemini client. Which I unceremoniously dubbed "gemium", since it uses electron, which uses chromium.

@binyamin whoa that's awesome! Is your Gemini client available to download anywhere?

@thmslld Not yet. It's still pretty early-stages. The basic functionality is there, but it's not so user-friendly. Also, it doesn't have the feature I made it for: custom default CSS.

I would give you a link, but it's currently on github, gitlab and codeberg. I wasn't sure where it would get the most attraction.

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