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@thor @QSourceX
>i was talking about how stuff was going with me
>i got dead silence in return
>because everybody's probably glued to whatever news medium they like to consume right now
No, it's because you're a boring basic bitch.
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i took another look at the numbers. i made money on the web shop stuff. it made a difference. what helped a lot was the digital version of the Carta Fediversi poster, since i don't have to pay for printing.

question: the digital poster is currently 15 euros. would *you* buy one if i did a "pay what you want" thing for that instead?
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finally got my accounts up to date. Q4 2020 ended up at a ~110 euro deficit. without the sales from the webshop, it would've been a ~335 euro deficit.

the deficit would be close to zero if the company didn't pay for some of my meals. in practice, as the numbers add up, i paid for those meals myself by lending the company money. i just didn't realise that until i did my accounts.

there have been some initial costs for equipment and office supplies, so those ate up ~100 euros as well.

thanks for helping me staying afloat, guys!

if you wanna make January better for me, please suggest stuff i could sell in the webshop, buy said stuff, or contact me about services i could render pertaining to computer programming, electronics design, photography, video editing, audio editing, music production, copywriting, etc.
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You know what’s not new anymore? New Super Mario Bros. You know what’s even less new? Windows NT.

2020 was the year when farting in public became more acceptable than coughing in public

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