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@zachdecook fuck Brave and fuck Brenden Eich

Announcement: Starting today, ThinkPrivacy(.io) will be moving to ThinkPrivacy(.ch).

This move comes after ethical and security concerns around .io domains were brought to our attention.

Learn more about the decision here:

I want to make Linux more accessible to everyone, but also make the complicated and ever growing field of distros easier to understand.

That's the goal or my new project, Try Linux.

PSA: If you do use #Brave browser, be aware it doesn't block #Facebook or #Twitter trackers

For Facebook tracking Brave white-lists

According to Brave developers, it's white-listed due to causing Facebook login to break if blocked.

See issue #1108 on Github…


Looking forward to seeing what comes of this cool new project from IVPN.

Updated our listing for @protonvpn to include a link to their GitHub account.

Really glad to see them go open source!

Honestly, my Patreon has gotten really sad in recent years, but if you use it and want to support my writing, activism, and even my work around data and consumer privacy, toss a dollar or two at it.

Thank you!

- Hi! We're ThinkPrivacy, or I am, as this account is run by @danarel

ThinkPrivacy is a website and consultancy that works with organizations and consumers to help them make better decisions regarding their privacy, for themselves, families, or their customers.

We also help privacy services grow their brand within the privacy community by offering consulting services to ensure they are enriching the privacy experience, not exploiting it.


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