Given the hate from the right we are getting on bird site right now, I’ll say it here as well.

ThinkPrivacy supports anti fascists in their struggles around the globe, we believe that all black lives matter, and we do not believe fascists or those who sympathize with fascists have any place in our communities.

My latest on Startpage's Privacy Please blog about the difference between using a VPN and a privacy respecting search engine (and why you need to do both!)

I have a new piece up on Hacker Noon about privacy suggestions for students going back to school with distances learning.

We updated our Riot listing to their new name and logo: Element.

@enxio For me it was that while Hey did offer something unique, they didn't offer something so unique it was worth the price. Given that other email, offering the same level of privacy is drastically cheaper.

@hejo Not likely. The ease of use doesn't meet our criteria and I don't think would be incredibly useful for our target audience.

I included OnionShare to sort of meet this need and it provides great cross platform support.

We believe in transparency and showing our users how ThinkPrivacy runs.

We also are now accepting partnerships and sponsors. If you're interested, get in touch!

@Subdevil @danarel is a privacy site I have run since early 2018. I later joined PrivacyTools, but ThinkPrivacy has continued to grow and needs more of my time.

There is no drama, no behind the scenes reason, but I resigned from Privacy Tools last night so that I can focus solely on ThinkPrivacy.

Gotta go all-in or nothing at all!

We have delisted Firefox Send as the service is down because of malware issues.

When the service goes back up we will ensure it's meeting our standards before it is listed again.

Really excited to announce that ThinkPrivacy has been accepted into the "Powered by Namecheap" program!

This means we have a lot more resources to devote to the site and growing our efforts in spreading privacy.

Read more here:

We still exist and we still update the site, we just forget to update this page a lot. Oops!

I was interviewed by Vivaldi recently and the posted the blog today.

Check it out here:

@peexea @batalanto @privacytools Contradiction Finder is a concern troll who I am not sure how I have not blocked... Will be fixing that. If you read the Issue you will see why we've continued to recommend it.

Your IP address tells websites and ad companies a lot more about you than you might realize.

My latest for the Startpage blog.

One of the first and most important steps when deciding to take data privacy more seriously is to create an honest threat model.

What information am I trying to protect and who are you protecting it from?

Learn more in my latest blog for Startpage.

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