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We are currently fundraising for a new VPS provider, new website design, and to help cover current hosting other various expenses.

If you can help, go to:

Thank you!

Privacy is not hiding nefarious activity, it's an innate right. A superb article from @danarel on why privacy matters:

Hi all, ThinkPrivacy is looking to secure its own VPS server for the site and some of the services we run.

We are accepting donations to help us achieve this goal at our owners PayPal (we know...) link.

If you can support us, it's much appreciated. If you cannot, we understand and hope you continue to use and enjoy our site.

Very exited to announce the relaunch of TryLinux, a Linux distro cheat-site to help users find the best OS option for them.

You can check it out here:

Some distros are still out of date and we are working to update them all.

Signal is introducing a new spam reduction feature but it will be closed-source.

The reasoning behind keep the source private makes sense, but what are people's thoughts on this?

@gatooscuro HTTPS Everywhere would not prevent that from happening. So it would still be redundant.

@gatooscuro Browsers are forcing HTTPS by default making the extension unnecessary with modern browsers.

@cypherpunk profile updated. As you can see, we have not been here in a while.

With all the browsers we recommend pushing users to HTTPS by default, and EFF announcing that HTTPS Everywhere will see end of life at this end of this year, we plan to remove the extension from our lists in an upcoming update.

It will be sage to use until 2022 however.

ThinkPrivacy went for a short while as a closed source site while some backend things were taken care of, hosting was secured, and the direction of the site was determined.

Today we are excited to announce we are back on Github and back to being an open source project once again!

For the past year, ThinkPrivacy has been hosted by Namecheap as part of their start-up program, but our time in that program is coming to an end.

Anyone have any good, affordable VPS recommendations?

ThinkPrivacy makes no money. We don't sell ads, no affiliate links, etc. So all money comes from my personal finances (we get random donations here and there, but not enough to sustain it).

Any recommendations are appreciated!

Alright, we finally finished our project to move our blog off the homepage and into it's own menu item. This means that the landing page of ThinkPrivacy is now just our recommendations.

In case you missed our latest blog: @danarel sat down with the CEO of System1 to discuss their partnership with Startpage and why they felt investing in privacy was a good idea.

I talked to the CEO of System1 about their partnership with Startpage and their motivations into entering the privacy world given the company's history.

You can read the interview here:

Tomorrow I am releasing an interview with the CEO of System1. This has been a big project of mine to better understand their move into the privacy market, especially that of Startpage.

Can't wait to finish formatting it and publishing it in the morning.

My latest for HackerNoon on how easy it is to achieve privacy online. Fear of tech doesn't have to be an obstacle to internet privacy.

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