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@Gina @libreoffice
Perhaps, you could consider saving in hybrid PDF format from . It will get opened in any pdf reader.
You can edit the same file again in LO because the odt content is stored as comment in the pdf.

Won't help much if you want
non-libreoffice users to edit the files though.

Also, i'm noticing an improvement in the performance (compared to my previous app), too!

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Finally found a decent FOSS android keyboard, with glide/swype typing. :)
(It is in early-beta though, but haven't faced any issue so far)

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This is fantastic! Mirror/extend your existing PC screen to any device with a (fairly latest) web browser.

`git reflog` can also show date/time!

For e.g.
`git reflog --date=iso`

sed's back-referencing feature is quite handy for simple bulk code refactoring.

(`codemod/fastmod` might also do this, but sed's available on most linuxes already.)

I started using this peertube search instead of youtube's for videos.

I usually find good tech videos on the peertube fediverse.

Loving these FOSS apps on windows:

- scoop (package manager)
Easy installation and upgrades from a uniform CLI interface.

- cmder (terminal emulator)

Loved the idea of these filebased FOSS utilities. (Can be synced with Syncthing or similar services.)
Browser bookmarks
"RSS, contacts, calendars, tasks and more"
This looks helpful. And it's FOSS.

Also, the author suggests using MS Word for best PDF conversion results.

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Reading PDFs on ebook readers and smart phones is a pain.
Hope content creators get to use a better format. (Epub, Single file Html? )

PDF format is perfect for many use cases, but not for everything.

"Simple, correct, fast: in that order"

"The complex problem comes later, and it’ll be better served by the *composition of simple solutions* than with the application of a complex solution."

`git grep` seems to be quite useful for searching inside new code-bases.

Key features:
- Searches tracked files only
- With the `gr=git !grep` alias in `.gitconfig`, it can be made to search from the project root.

Here's the detailed comparison:

"GTK theme based on the appearance of Win32 apps on the Windows 10 platform using the default color scheme"

I feel that projects and efforts like these might help increase the adoption of GNU/Linux as a desktop OS.

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