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Perhaps, you could consider saving in hybrid PDF format from . It will get opened in any pdf reader.
You can edit the same file again in LO because the odt content is stored as comment in the pdf.

Won't help much if you want
non-libreoffice users to edit the files though.

Interesting laws/theories.
These are even useful in general, outside of the UX domain.

Playing videos faster (1.25x or 1.5x) is quite a useful feature.
Specially for the informative/podcast types.

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Just found this useful utility to assist local testing of your app (if it sends emails via SMTP).
It gives a minimal mail inbox web ui which also renders HTML content!

[Note: Needs `ruby-dev` and `libsqlite3-dev` apart from `gem`.
And passed these params for a quick installation
`gem install mailcatcher --no-ri --no-rdoc`

Wish you all a happy and a healthy #2020

I'm finding this plugin quite useful for big html files, specially because I can't use tagbar for this.

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You can now follow remote profiles on Pixelfed instances that have enabled the feature.

1. Search the full url (ie:

2. Click the follow button on the results page

3. You will start seeing posts from that account on your home timeline


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Say hello to LibreOffice 6.3! Yes, there's a major new update for the world's best free office suite – and it's packed with great new features, improved compatibility and better performance. Learn more and download it:

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This arrow by mathematician and sculptor Kokichi Sugihara can't point left. Here's how it works: It's 3D-printed with a bunch of curves our brains don't register.


"People think they don’t understand math, but it’s all about how you explain it to them. If you ask a drunkard what number is larger, 2/3 or 3/5, he won’t be able to tell you. But if you rephrase the question: what is better, 2 bottles of vodka for 3 people or 3 bottles of vodka for 5 people, he will tell you right away: 2 bottles for 3 people, of course." ~ Israel Gelfand

"Seven habits of effective text editing"

Tips for using the vim editor effectively, from the main author of vim himself!

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