I was about to suggest a linux and gafam free module/computer to connect to the TV, which could be used like chromecast and be remote controlled by any phone and/or wireless keyboard.
Pretty sure it already exists. Could you name it?

On my journey towards a gafam free phone, i came to the conclusion that the digital convenience is depending on one of those companies.
The question is: how can that be legal?

Received Fairphone3 today.
- installed eOS
- installed banking app => thinks device is rooted
- rollback to fairphoneOS => banking app works, while bootloader still unlocked

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"Facebook has blocked Australians from accessing and sharing news in protest at a new law which would have forced the site to pay for the content it hosts."


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I've looked more into my budget for next month and concluded that it would take maybe 2-3 month before I can buy RPi 4.

Since my server are not the best, I think I need RPi 4 sooner than 3 months (I can have wrong, though). I have therefore created a Ko-fi profile where people can help me buy RPi 4 sooner than expected.

No forcing and not a must, but it would be very helpful and I would be very glad πŸ™‚


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Well... impossible to get the bank app to work, can't prevent it from detecting the device is rooted. I'll have to live without it πŸ˜†

Installed /e/ from @e_mydata on my old Galaxy S3.
Working good so far (I can deal with the random crashes).

Since the hardware buttons are broken since years, I had to change build.prop to get the softkeys. Used those ressources:

Open issue: getting my banking app to work, since it doesn't like rooted phones. So, this is next:

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Our 5th tip to living a more #ecofriendly lifestyle is to #travel smarter. Our Fairphones travel from China to our distribution center in the Netherlands mostly by freight train instead of flying, which lowers transport emissions by 87%. 🌍 πŸš†

Share your own tips below πŸ‘‡ :

🎞️ Any instance suggestions for peertube?

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#SaferInternetDay is a good time to check the privacy settings and app permissions on your phone.
Better yet, choose an OS that doesn't record your actions, scan your email & files and is ad free!
Find out more here ➑️ e.foundation/
#SID2021 #privacy #opensource

Hello world!
I'm here to learn and observe (and didn't know which other instance to join xD)


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