Well, it took a while but my petition to keep strong encryption without backdoors legal in th EU is now open for supporters!

Please feel free to support it and or boost/promte it

@thewk A little taken aback by the signup process of the European parliaments website, it looks like I'm the first supporter 😉
Thanks for starting the petition! 👏

@totoroot Thanks! I shall call you Number One from now on


(Star Trek reference)

@thewk I'm afraid I'm born just a little too late to get this reference 😅

@totoroot I think we are actually around the same age, judging from your profile picture...
But I might be the bigger nerd ;-)

@thewk "encryption is a necessary means of protecting [..] the digital security of governments" how do they not realize they are building a footcannon?

@kekcoin I'd say, since they are no experts in the field they listen to so called experts. Who probably conveniently left that part out...

@thewk Might be worth making that point more explicit to them...

@kekcoin that would be the idea, but first we need to make some noise so we will be heard

@kekcoin @thewk
There are a few paragraphs showing some degree of uncertainty. More than once it's called "important to be strong" but should also be weakened.
Like if the author feels that he'd like to have it strong for his purposes but with a backdoor for everyone else. That's just human nature.


Yes, it reads like government bodies and military, police and intelligence services need strong encryption.
Just not citizens...


@thewk I don't live in the EU but I'll happily boost this so others who live there can voice their support.

@thewk The signup procedure on that site is *horrible*! Ugh, still, managed to make it through and support it.

@thewk @kev Just curious, whats the number of votes a petition has to reach to be taken seriously?

@Seferi @kev
It didn't state, but the vote in the parliament is in the past by now.

However supporting this might still move something.

There is a german MP called Patrick Breyer, with whom I've been in contact with, who is still fighting this.

If you want to support this cause, please take a look at his homepage

Combining forces does make sense here I guess

@thewk :( clicked on it then remembered that a criminal cartel of politicians and lobbyists swindled us out of the EU :(

@tig Part of my company is over on your island and the other over here. Trust me, not a big Boris fan either

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