As I am stepping closer to getting the keys of my new house every day, more and more information and projects pop up. Does anyone know a good, selfhosted, browserbased project manager (foss) that features project piplines, Notes and the ability to store documents?

@davidoclubb Thank you, I looks very good, I will set up an instance on the weekend and give it a try!

@thewk Good luck! I have all the functionality except email ... still trying to figure that out, even though SMTP settings all seem fine! But it can work without if need be

@thewk BTW I went with a Ubuntu 18.04 on Linode - 20.04 didn't work, nor did an attempt with cpanel on Centos #Openproject

@davidoclubb Thanks for adding that, I would have went with a 20.04 server vm to start with...

Hope you get you mail working, should I discover any thing that helps me there, I'll let you know

@thewk That's very kind of you - the forum post where I asked for help didn't get any response!

@davidoclubb Foss users have to help each other if possible ;-)

@davidoclubb sorry, did not get to set it up this weekend, so no news on mail support either, but I will keep you posted

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