Past things in technology I still miss:
4:3 Monitors actually good for working and not designed to watch videos

Rear connectors on notebooks
Make that a full set of connectors on notebooks

Products designed to last for years (once know as quality)

Quick release batteries on notebooks

Non-soldered on parts, also know as user upgradeable

Software you could buy, once and then use for however long you wanted instead of subscriptions

Way to often: privacy

@IzzyOnDroid @thewk docking station solves a couple those, but really it's best just to use a ~10 y/o notebook b/c that's the only way to avoid the spy chip. AFAIK, it's impossible to get a new spy-chip-free notebook post-2008.


Are Librem or Pine64 ARM laptops also spyware "enabled"? Richard Stallman famously used/uses a Chinese-make MIPS laptop.

I shouldn't suggest having too many computers and create more landfill material for the future. But, a AMD64 or POWEE compute machine even with spyware might be tolerable if never to be connected to the Internet. A libre "netbook" for everything else?

@IzzyOnDroid @thewk

@wyatwerp @aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @IzzyOnDroid
I have to admit, I am not sure what chip exactly the spy chip should be. Purism is butting a lot of work in getting no spy products out, maybe the could comment on that?

@thewk @IzzyOnDroid @wyatwerp Last time I checked, the Trustzone & Intel M.E. can't be entirely disabled b/c it's necessary for booting. Software can eventually disable it, but is that too late? For me, it doesn't matter, b/c to buy a spy chip still supports a market that works against non-corporate consumers. And indeed avoiding environmental detriment is also a good reason to stick with pre-2008 h/w.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @IzzyOnDroid @wyatwerp
Ah, you are looking at the tpm chips, agreed, they are very much unneeded for customers (I can disable it on my thinkpad in bios)
As far as I know neither pinebooks nor purisms notebooks have these

@thewk @aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @IzzyOnDroid @wyatwerp not the TPM, the Intel Management Engine, and you can't disable it unless your ThinkPad is very old (X200/T400 or older) and you flash something like Libreboot.


I sympathise generally, but

> Products designed to last for years (once know as quality)

#Quality is simply conformance to requirements.

Given a product designed to last ten years lasting ten years and one designed to last six months lasting six months, both are exactly the same quality.

@0 By definition yes, but I think you know what I meant, not designed to die the day after warranty ends ;-)


Yeah I know what you mean. I think what happens there is a failure to convey the #quality of a product to #consumers so they can make an informed decision.


E.g., if I knew that, say, this product A is expected to last two years but costs less than half the price of product B lasting four years, I might still go for A.

Same goes for depreciable business purchases, etc.

@0 Not really with you on that one. For example in my flat I have a 26 year old dishwasher that works flawlessly why would I want one that dies earlier (even if cheaper)?
All this causes is water damage, work, time and I don't have any gain from it, because as soon as it dies, I need to spend the money anyway

That is how it works for a number of products though, and usually for good reason.

@nwarburton I just googled it, that is one big workstation.
I prefer lighter notebooks though, do a lot of business trips and don't need much power, long battery life is my priority

@thewk Ah, gotcha. Well when you mentioned the detachable battery that's what made me think of the Serval. The problem is for extra battery and portability a lot of things "have to be" soldered to keep the frame smaller.

Not talking about smaller just lighter ;-)
But guess you are right, there is some need for it, but when it comes to Ram and nvme I don't see it.that can be built slim enough...

I know, nice laptop, but again limited in ports...
For now my thinkpad is doing just fine, but System 76 devices are on my radar for the day it fails ;-)

@thewk Definitely wasn't trying to sell you too hard; I just get excited about our products. :) Long live the Thinkpad in the meantime. Don't wish hardware failures on anyone.

Did not know you worked there, nice.
Love your products btw, just found them after buying my thinkpad...
Should you happen to get into bulk corporate sales, you are on my top list ;-)

@thewk If you DM your contact info, I can send it our Sales, dept. We have handled some larger orders/have business customers. I'll introduce you to Charles. He's a great guy (if you're interested!).

@thewk I am with you on all. If you are an open source user then the software comment still holds.

@nickapos Thanks, I am mostly on foss, but having to work with other companies I often have to go back to the likes of photoshop etc

@thewk my 5:4 is quite nice for programming. But it's old now

you might want to check out a used (new one's cost a small fortune) thinkpad t-series for quick release battery, non-soldered parts and quality

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