Okay, I am giving up for today, but I think I am not doing too badly. Just have to figure out how to configure a couple of things. But this is were it is headed.
So fediverse, what do you think about the very first steps into my blog:

@thewk nice theme! But the most important is the content, specially for a tech blog, most readers won't care too much as long as the article give them the answer they came for :D So good luck with your next posts
(btw, maybe the sample page needs to be removed too :p)

@bacardi55 Thanks, yes there is still a lot of work to do, the first post is already in writing, but I am trying to get the platform ready first. Figured I fill the static sites first while working on the rest...

@thewk Yes of course :) Good luck with it, the hardest part is to try to keep a blog alive, setting it up is the "fun/easy" piece!
I subscribed to the rss feed to follow your future posts (and please, as a RSS addict, make the rss link visible, it is anoying to get it from the html source…)

@bacardi55 Thanks! I will definitely try to figure out how to make the feed visible. Thanks for the advice!
Blogging and wordpress is still very new to me...

I really like the theme and welcome message! Looking forward to read your take on privacy matters :idle:

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