Dear Thinkpad owners, maybe you could help me. Sometimes when waking from s3 sleep the trackpoint of my x1 doesn't work. Which is annoying since this is my primary mouse. Does anyone else have that issue? Did you solve it?

@thewk Is TLP enabled? It might be disabling it for power saving reasons. If you have it, check the settings.

@ndegruchy Yes, I have it enabled, but the issues existed prior to the installation of TLP.
Thank you for responding!

Sometimes I have this issue. I run Bunsenlabs, a Debian based distro. <Superkey><X> lets me suspend. I just suspend, sign back in and my trackpad works.

@Tayo Thank you for the tip! I will try it when it happens the next time

@thewk I had a similar problem on either a Thinkpad or my Dell XPS 13. Solution was to have it unload the mouse driver on suspend and load it on resume using a suspend hook, something like .

Yes I have this with my Thinkpad X250 running Debian. I have to run the following to bring back the touchpad: 'sudo rmmod psmouse; sudo modprobe psmouse'

@squire I will definitely try that next time, makes sense, since a reboot would probably be doing about the same thing

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